The Great Closet Debacle of 2009

I swear I didn’t use to be this crazy emotional. Sure, I had some bad days where I would just completely lose my shit and just start crying. This, however, was just ridiculous. Let me explain: I decided that I wanted to reorganize the clothes closet. Notice that I don’t call it the bedroom closet because it is actually in our office. ‘Why is it in the office?’ you may ask. Well, that’s because we live in a weird old house and if we had the bedroom where it was supposed to be it would be right smack dab in the middle of the upstairs. And if you wanted to go from the living room to the bathroom or kitchen you would have to walk through the bedroom. Oh, and we have no doors. When I got pregnant, we moved the bedroom downstairs and the office upstairs so we could at least have a small amount of privacy and be close to where we wanted to put the nursery. Yes, the nursery is in the basement but don’t worry, now that we have replaced the glass in the lights is actually quite bright. Additional aside, the idiot who lived in this house before us not only painted the basement light blue and bright orange (yes, you read that right: light blue and bright orange) but he also painted the backing of the glass in the light fixtures making the basement ridiculously dark.

Back to the closet. So, it’s upstairs in the office. And I’ve had some crazy weird energy for about one hour everyday and I wanted to clean it out and make it look presentable so if the doors accidentally get left open (*cough*Brian can’t close anything *cough*) I wouldn’t be totally ashamed of people seeing it. Also, I knew there were a bunch of things that needed to be donated or sold since we don’t wear them anymore. It started out fine but about half an hour in, after I’d pulled out all of Brian’s clothes and then rehung his dress shirts I was trying to move the tie rack and it hit me in the head. Okay. Not terrible. I’m somewhat clumsy, I can deal with the occasional idiot move. But then, then, I couldn’t get it reattached where I wanted it. Also, I had tried calling Brian three times (yes, I’m needy sometimes, I’m pregnant, leave me alone) and he had hit the ignore button every time because I wanted to ask him about some suits I had found in the back of the closet and whether or not he wanted to keep them. So, I left him a really angry message and then dissolved into tears. I am pathetic.

Another side note: I flipping hate this schedule. Brian has to be at work because the stinking scholarship dinner is next week and it’s not that I want him to be home all the time, but he takes less vacation time than everyone else in that office and hello I’m giving birth in three weeks, I would occasionally like for him to be home to help me do all the stuff I want to do before then. Most of you don’t know that the same dinner was the Thursday after our wedding so we had to wait a week before we could go on our honeymoon and he was working the whole time. Grumble grumble.

Well, I won’t bore you all with the details of finally getting the closet put back together, but here are the results:

I know it still doesn’t look all that great, but trust me this is a vast improvement. Also, please ignore the tubs you see in the living room, that’s just my ceiling leaking all over the place.


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