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Chronicling the Suckitude

WARNING! WARNING! Whining Ahead!

It was one of those days.

  • Physical Therapy: Both good and bad. Good because I actually felt a little bit better afterwards. Bad because I have no idea how we’re going to afford the copay every – or even every other – week. Bad because it turns out that fall I had when I was pregnant did more damage than we originally thought. Awe. Some. Good because I feel better (had to mention it again)
  • Lorelei did not nap. Unless you count ten minutes in the car on the way home from my appointment. Yeah, no. Did I mention she woke up at six this morning? I didn’t? Well, she did.
  • There was a water main break in our complex so the water was turned off for THREE HOURS. Holy hell, y’all. Because I really wanted to not be able to flush my toilets or wash my hands.
  • In an attempt to escape the no water apartment, I went out for an iced coffee. Lorelei decided she wanted my cup. I didn’t let her have it. She had an epic meltdown complete with limp, boneless collapsing to the floor. And then she proceeded to scream for the entire drive home.
  • I spilled tomato soup on my freshly cleaned kitchen counter.
  • It looks like a tornado has touched down in the living room thanks to my little destructor and I have zero motivation to clean it up.
  • Brian is at class and I wish he were home.

So. How was everyone else’s day? Tell me something good.


No Words

I swear I had planned on a happy post today.  I was going to the tea room to hang with my friend Desiree and a few other people and I was anticipating a good time.  And it was fine until…

Brian called.

He had gone to our house to get our friend’s stuff to put into our storage unit until she needed/wanted it.  Turns out that someone had broken in.  They smashed in a window, cut the line to our alarm system and stole our refrigerator and stove.  They also tried to steal our washing machine by smashing the pipes that connected to it.  For whatever reason, they didn’t manage to steal it.  Thank goodness for small favors I guess.

I want to know what I did to the universe that it has decided to fuck with me so much.

I feel sick and sad.  I know that we didn’t live there anymore and I was doing my best to forget about that part of our life to avoid the depression I feel about it.  But I hate to think about our house ruined in that way.  We lived there for three years, it was home and someone thoughtlessly destroyed it.

I don’t know what else to say.  There are no words to describe how completely devastated I feel.

Selective Memory

A full week before summer officially begins and I’m already hoping for its end.  I dread the onset starting at the end of the last summer, but I try to block out the possibility of the first mid-90s day and go along my merry way.  I try to enjoy the nice spring days, going to the park and walking outside in the evenings.  Every year, it sneaks up on me and kicks me in the ass.  Every year, it seems like winter has just ended and then comes that first day when I look at the weather and it says Feels like 99. I nearly die just thinking about leaving the house.

(Side Note: What is up with that whole “feels like” b-s anyway?  How do they determine what it is?  Do they have a super secret spy like thermometer to read these things?  Shouldn’t the temperature be the temperature?  But I digress)


Oh yes.  I trotted my sick butt out of the house, crossed the surface of the sun parking lot and escaped to the mall.  The one with a parking garage so the car wouldn’t be sitting out in the sun.  And I wandered around in the air conditioning.

Just like every other person in all of St Louis.  Or so it seemed.

I say to summer though: bring it.  I was pregnant last year and I survived.  I worked one place that the A/C only worked two-thirds of the time and another that it worked all the time but the crazies customers complained about it being too cold so we would turn it down and then all the employees would be dripping sweat.  WTF?  It’s a hundred degrees outside and I really don’t think you want me perspiring in your lunch.  Just saying.  I’ll survive this summer and next year, I’ll forget just how bad it is and I will be just as surprised when that first hot day hits.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my underwear is plastered with sweat in my butt crack and I need to take care of that.

I’m sure you didn’t actually want to know that.

Bitch Bitch Moan Moan

Can I whine for a minute? Of course I can. This is my blog and if you don’t want to read my whining, you don’t have to.

I hate my body. Not that way I look – although there is room for improvement – but the way my body works. I can’t ever seem to catch a break. Every Christmas I get sick. Like really really don’t-wake-me-up-for-five-days-and-maybe-I’ll-be-better sick. It’s usually the flu or something flu-like – or in 2008, an intestinal parasite – but this year I got lucky and just had a very minor cold. Which, unfortunately, I gave to Lorelei. I thought, maybe getting that seasonal flu vaccine was a good idea and maybe I should do it again even though I don’t plan on being pregnant again for a few years. But, no! My body, she hates me. I’ve had a migraine-y type headache for the last couple of weeks; but I didn’t think anything of it because headaches are a common side effect of the medication I’m on and I figured my higher dosage was screwing with my system. Yesterday, I took my nap as per usual and Lorelei actually cooperated and slept for almost two blissful hours but when I woke up, I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I shrugged it off because my friend was coming over and we were going out for milkshakes (how very 1950’s of us) and I thought well maybe it’s just a sleep hangover. Does anyone else get those? Where you actually get a really good nap in but when you wake up you almost feel worse than before you went to sleep.

Where was I?

Oh yes. Felt like I was hit by a bus. Sore all over. My neck hurt. Etc etc. And then the chills came. Oh fun. My favorite part of being sick is the feeling of not being able to get warm enough and then sweating profusely. Fun. I kid you not I was under a down comforter a quilt and an extremely warm throw blanket and I was still freezing. And the shaking. Oh my god. I felt like…well, I felt like I did after giving birth, like a weak thing that could barely move.

On top of all this, Brian left this morning for a five day trip to Cleveland and Pittsburgh. So, feel like dying and husband gone and oh yeah two month old. Two month old who was a serious drama queen and didn’t fall asleep until 11 last night. Kill me now.

Oh. And said two month old spent most of this afternoon freaking out about something although I don’t know what and wouldn’t take an effing nap. Is it Tuesday yet?