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17 Days: On the Porch

I asked Brian this morning if we could have more babies. I got a pretty enthusiastic “YES!” from him.

There are just some moments that are so completely perfect that I can easily forget all the moments that have been bad. I can forget my frustration with Lorelei’s tantrums and refusal to eat. I can forget the several hour long nursing sessions with Amélie in the middle of the night.

The weather has been particularly nice the last few days and we took advantage of the warmer temperatures to sit on our porch in the late afternoon sun.


12 Days

We’re still trying to find our rhythm, adjusting to life as a family of four. I overdid it the last few days so while Brian takes Lorelei to the zoo (without us!), the littlest one and I will be here. Sleeping and cuddling and watching bad television. I may even read while she naps on my chest. It’s good. Very good.


We were in New Orleans last weekend for a friend’s wedding and, upon our return, Brian and I both came down with some sort of terrible not really the flu plague. I’m afraid all you’re going to get this week is this:

Friday Palate Cleanser

Had a shitty week? Yeah, me too. Do you know what you need? You need videos of Lorelei being adorable. Yes, you do.

This first one is from a few months ago which might or might not be the last time I vacuumed the couch cushions. Go on, judge me.

And video number two is a classic example of Lorelei’s favorite activity. No, seriously. We go to the cafe at Barnes and Noble and she will sit there stacking the tea tins while I order. The barista has even offered to save empty ones for me.

I hope you enjoyed and have a fantastic weekend! As for me, I’m now going to use my amazing psychic powers to get Lorelei to fall asleep for a nap. You will fall asleep, you will fall asleep…


Brian was very anti-tutu. But, I am a genius and know the best way to get around his weird objections to articles of clothing (and not just buying it without his knowledge). While perusing the racks with the husband, all I have to do is show Lorelei said piece of clothing. She will grab the hanger and then spend the rest of the trip around the store swinging it to and fro and jibbering at her new outfit. See. Genius.She is such a girl. She really likes her frills.


One of Lorelei’s new favorite pastimes is reading her books aloud. Usually, she will tote them into the bathroom and read them to the other baby in the floor to ceiling mirror in there. Sometimes, however, we are treated to one of her recitals. She’ll select one of her favorites and bring them to us in the living room. After settling in, squatting awkwardly on the floor, she begins her tale…

Jibber, jabber…

Sometimes, she “rereads” the same page or flips back to her favorite picture multiple times. It’s still completely incomprehensible to us but I’m sure, in her head, it makes perfect sense.

Cooped Up

Today is my least favorite kind of day. The forecast is for SNOW! but it hasn’t yet arrived. Instead of being trapped by a blanket of beautiful white, I’m trapped by the freezing cold temperatures and the desire to not be caught out somewhere when the flakes finally do begin to fall. Also, Lorelei decided that taking a nap was not for her. Until just now. Right before 4 o’clock. Bed time is going to be super fun tonight.

It hasn’t been all bad. We snuggled together on the couch and watched Despicable Me for the millionth time. Whenever I happened to be sitting on the floor, she would crawl up into my lap and give me a hug. She even let me take a few pictures without trying to grab the camera (too many times).

Lorelei fits perfectly on the TV stand

Hey Mommy! Whatcha doin'?

Playing with Violet (Christmas gift from Aunt Tamara)

Best friends

One Year Ago

January 11, 2010

I looked but I didn’t find any pictures from exactly one year ago, so this will have to do.

Today, my little lady bug turned fourteen months. A year ago, she couldn’t do much except for lay there. Now she runs and tries to climb things – nothing too high, thank god – and chatters incoherently. She dances to the music, sometimes just to the music in her head.

My friend had a bridal shower tonight, a very non-traditional sort. Guests were told to wear sweatpants and we exchanged white elephant gifts. Brian is gone until ass-early Monday morning, so Lorelei had to go along with me. I was really impressed with how (mostly) well-behaved she was. Although she did wander a lot, was scared of the dog and tried to steal wine glasses; I was probably the most relaxed I have ever been when out at a party with her. My little girl is growing up.

Stop it.

Thankful Thursday: Annoying Neighbors Edition

Dear Downstairs Neighbors,

Thank you for blasting your terrible techno music for most of the afternoon.  It was the kick in the butt that I needed to call up a friend just to hang out.  I got to spend three-ish hours with some good friends.  I got to have someone else entertain Lorelei and feed her dinner.  I got to watch a terrible movie.*  Thanks for being annoying, now please stop.



*It was New Moon, in case you were wondering, and it was awesome in its terribleness.

Big Girl Tub

Starting last week, Lorelei figured out that she could climb out of her baby bathtub.  Not all the way out, but she could grab a hold of the real tub and pull herself up.  I saw disaster in our future if I let that continue.  Last night I made up a big girl bath for her.

She hated it.

Lucky for me, Brian had just gotten home from class when this whole process started otherwise it would have been a complete disaster.  She screamed and cried.  She tried to climb on top of me – yes I was in the bath with her – not that it made her feel any better.  I don’t know if it was the combination of bubbles and the sound of the tub filling up.  Maybe the water was too hot.

We’ll try again tonight.