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Belated Photo Post: Transportation Museum

Yes, I am just now uploading pictures from Labor Day. What of it?

To round out our long weekend, I let Brian take us to the Transportation Museum. He is a train nerd.

Lorelei, it turns out, is also a big fan of trains.There are many days when she will wander around the apartment yelling “Choo choo!” We also have a couple cardboard boxes leftover from on-line orders that we can’t throw away because she pretends they are a train. Oh, and her step stool! She turns that over and pushes her stuffed animals around in it making train noises. Or she makes me push her in it and gets mad at me when I get tired after one loop of the apartment. Like father like daughter. Just don’t try to make her ride on a real one.

Poor scaredy-cat baby.


Sixteen Weeks

Subtitle: This week would have been awesome if it weren’t for the crappy weekend of doom.

First of all, to everyone that read my last post and commented – and even those that didn’t – thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sometimes, I just need a little reminder that I’m not going through this alone, that there are people out there who genuinely care. One of the hardest things for me when I’m having one of my down days (or weeks) is feeling like there is no one out there who cares. So again, thank you.

This week, I have an avocado for a baby. Mmmm…avocado. While I’m starting to look more pregnant and less bloated, I think it’s still hard for the average stranger on the street to tell that I’m not just getting a little pudgy. It was no different with Lorelei and I didn’t really look actually pregnant until twenty weeks or so.

I’m going to go off on a not entirely related tangent. Dear people who work at the maternity clothing store, I am not a size large anymore. I was with my last pregnancy but have since lost all that weight and then some (yes, I’m bragging) so do not bring me a whole bunch of pants in the size I am not and then never come back to see if maybe I need something smaller. Especially since Lorelei was with me and playing in the little play area, I did not have the time and didn’t feel particularly comfortable wandering around the store trying to find smaller sizes. That’s your job and you just lost a sale. Suck it. Love, Me. Rant mostly over. So, because of said incident I have been living in the one pair of new pants that I bought (on a separate occasion) and sweat pants. It is not very attractive around these parts right now.

I have also had some returned nausea which has been a real treat. I love eating two bites of dinner and then feeling either sickened by what I just ate or so full that I can’t continue. It is awesome.

So, that’s been my week. I’ll save the story of the weekend of doom for later.

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Belated Photo Post: Japanese Festival

We lucked into some free tickets to the Japanese Festival at MOBOT for Labor Day weekend. Despite the extreme heat, we spent Saturday morning walking around, eating Yakisoba and enjoying the festivities.

Fifteen Weeks

I have a lot to say. My head is full of many thoughts. Some of them are important, some are trivial.

I don’t want to write them down.

The thoughts that are important – I think, anyway – deserve a response. Deserve more than the four or five readers that occasionally stop by here.

I know that my life is very boring. I don’t have the resources to make it any more interesting than what it is. I live a pretty simple life and it is not going to change any time soon.

So, I know that no one really comes here. I write this mostly for me and it will likely always be that way.

But what I’ve been feeling, what has been torturing my thoughts for the last several weeks feels bigger than this space. Bigger than the tiny world of this one stay-at-home mom.

I don’t know how to go about this.

I don’t want to write down something that is important and difficult for me to say and see no response.

No response.

Over and over. There are no comments.



Yesterday was officially fifteen weeks into this pregnancy.

I’m not doing so great right now.

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Fall, Is That You?

I just imported 154 photos onto my laptop. And while I probably should do things in order and give you photo-filled recaps of the Japanese Festival and our trip to the Transportation Museum last weekend, I just cannot deal with that many photos right now.

Every window in my house – except for the ones in the baby’s room – are currently open. Okay, that’s only two and is technically only half the windows in my house. But, saying “all my windows” sounds better. Ahem. So, we are enjoying cool Fall-like air and the smell of rain. It’s wonderful but also makes me very drowsy and longing to curl up in bed with a book and just slug it up for awhile. I’ve been resisting the urge, however, and took Lorelei to the playground yesterday instead.

Lorelei did all the stairs by herself. She usually gives up after we get down the first flight but she did them all with only a few sitting breaks.

We collected acorns. (And sticks and leaves and helicopters…)

Slides are fun! It should be noted that she always slides off the end. Every time. Luckily, the bottom of these slides are about zero inches off the ground. It’s mostly just funny and not worrisome.

Pooped. It was time for me to carry her the rest of the way home.

And this. This is why I love Fall. I feel like I’ve been hibernating all summer, the temperatures too hot to want to venture out into the world. Now, the weather is beautiful and cool. We get to do all the things I wish we could have been doing for the last three months.

Except for when it rains. Like today. Stupid rain.

Fourteen Weeks

Thus, begins the second trimester.

It has been another less than stellar week. Of course. We’ve all had a bit of a summer cold – Lorelei getting the worst of it, naturally – which has lead to a lack of sleep, lack of naps and overall crankiness. And that has lead to a couple of complete nervous breakdowns on my part. I really have not been a very good parent the last several days.

But, we’re not here to talk about that. Let’s talk about being pregnant!

I bought my first pair of maternity pants this weekend. I know. I know. I said I was going to wait until next month, but the thought of either squeezing into too tight pants or suffering from droopy butt if I wore the next size up was just too much for me given my current mental state. So, I walked into the store and bought a pair of new pants. And then immediately wanted to cry because (shit) I’m having another baby in just six months.

What is it about buying things that make it more real? I can’t even fathom the emotional wreck I will be when I buy that first newborn outfit.

So. That’s my week. Not very exciting. Sorry to disappoint.

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