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Lake Pontchartrain

Sunset – orange sky

Trees in silhouette

Lights glittering from lakeside houses

Watching the last of the daylight sink into the water

Dozing baby in the backseat

Cardinals game fading out on the radio




I spend a lot of my time waiting.

I wait for Brian to get home from work (or class, or being out of town).

I wait for bed time.

I wait for nap time.

I wait for the laundry to be done.  For the dishwasher to finish running.

I wait for bread to bake and dinner to cook.

I’m tired of waiting.

I want to do.

I’m tired of being tied to someone else’s schedule all the time.  Be it Lorelei’s or Brian’s.

I want to just be me sometimes.  I want to sleep as late as I want.  I want to go to the movies or out for a drink and not have to worry about getting home at a certain time.

I will still wait though.

I am lucky to have a perfect daughter.  I like being with her, even if it means I don’t leave the house most days.

I am lucky to have a husband who works so hard (and so much) so that I get to stay home.

I am lucky that I got to make this choice.

So, I wait.

Modern Woman

I was thinking about this recently and maybe when I don’t have a baby demanding all my attention, I will talk more about it, but here is a poem I wrote junior year of college. Ages ago.

Do you see me? I live, unashamedly, with my boyfriend
In a shabby apartment with two cats – I never do dishes
My hands turn bright radish red and burn when I scrub
The remnants crusting along the bottom of pots, bowls.

I learned how to knit this weekend – I’ve always known
I think, something ingrained in my fingers which proved
Unsuited for musical instruments, a failure at violin
Barely passable at piano, enough for a girl like me.

I was never meant to have a 4.0, never meant to go to
This school, I’ve been found to be unoriginal
Not remotely interesting. I was meant to make small talk with
A cocktail in one hand while my husband made business deals.

I bake cookies, brownies and muffins for fun instead of
Reading Nabokov or learning about Attitudes Based on
High Consumer Effort – I prefer to sew, knit, embroider
While watching TLC’s Trading Spaces.

I think I will be a housewife when I grow up – marketing
Is not for me. I will put up with dishpan hands, clean up
After two cats and send three kids to school, hoping they will
Do something with their lives – I will become my mother.