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Today was Lorelei’s first trip to the pool.  Sadly I forgot to bring the camera for the momentous first dip.  But here’s an after shot:

Twenty minutes of preparation – changing into a swim diaper, swimsuit and slathered in lots of sunscreen – for approximately fifteen minutes of actual in the pool time.  Once she got over the initial shock of there being WATER ON HER LEGS, she went crazy with the water slapping, happy as a clam.  Or perhaps a fish.



This week has been really hard.

My emotions have been swinging way way down and then back up again.

I’m still fighting this sinus infection/migraine/maybe-I-should-give-in-and-admit-I-have-allergies thing that I’ve had for the last two weeks.  So, I’ve been exhausted and cranky and (if I’m really honest with myself) a downright bitch to my husband.

But I’m lucky.  My husband is sweet and loves me more than anything and he doesn’t complain when I yell at him about stupid shit that seemed much more important than it actually was.  And despite the fighting this week, I think it was ultimately helpful.  I tend to keep things that bother me to myself until I just can’t take it anymore and then I explode (which is why I may seem like a nice person 95 percent of the time but that other 5 percent HOO BOY! you’d better stay out of my way).

But I wouldn’t want anyone else for my husband:

(It’s a little bit of a blurry, crappy shot but I was trying not to wake her)

Introducing Our New Nursery

The first room in the apartment is officially completed!

Check it out!  A door!  That’s right, the baby now has her very own space.  Her monkey rug welcomes you to the room.

Monkeys monkeys everywhere!  In the interest of full disclosure, those blankets aren’t usually on the crib like that, but it makes for a better picture.  (And yes that is the top of Lorelei’s head in the crib)

Rocking chair.  Notice the green curtain?  Although I love the (almost) floor to ceiling windows, there’s almost too much light in there in the afternoon and it’s hard to get little bit to go to sleep for her nap.  Thank you Target for your eight dollar curtain panel and ten dollar curtain rod.

The green basket in the corner contains a large chunk of the baby’s toys.

Last but not least, the jungle themed pictures I bought earlier this week and the room is complete!  Now we just have to finish the rest of the apartment.

Rain and Other Things

I had forgotten how much I love the rain.  The sound of water dripping down and a cool sweet smelling breeze blowing through the open window.  For so long, however, my first thought when it would start raining was I hope the basement doesn’t flood again.  I could never just sit back and enjoy the cleansing beauty of a good spring rain.

It’s nine am.  Lorelei is (momentarily) asleep for her morning nap.  I’m sitting here in the living room, snuggled under a warm blanket with the light turned down low just listening to the rain.  It almost feels like a luxury to just have this quiet.

I’ve been battling a headache for the last week, which I think has transformed into a full-on sinus infection.  I feel like someone is taking an ice pick to my nose and above my eyes.  Even my ears have started to hurt.  I’ve never had allergies, so I’m holding out hope that they are not what is causing this – I really don’t want to start popping allergy meds everyday – but even Tylenol sinus medicine has been no help.  I’m wary of taking Benadryl because it makes me so sleepy that I would probably pass out within ten minutes of dosing and well, that’s not really an option since I’m home alone with the little bit.

Can we talk about this cutie pie right here?

I took this picture about a week ago and she no longer fits in that onesie.  At her six month appointment, she had gained two and a half pounds since her last check up.  It’s as if, all of a sudden, she has decided to get big.

And she has finally started to eat pureed fruits and vegetables.  We tried feeding her bananas about a month ago but she reacted badly to them.  I think they upset her poor little tummy.  So we went back to just cereal for awhile.  This week she has been introduced to the joys of pears and carrots.  And I have been introduced to the joys of orange nasty smelling poop.  Multiple times a day because, that’s right, now that her diet has changed she is back to pooping two or three times a day.  I hated her butter popcorn smelling butt, but I didn’t know how good it was until now.

Yesterday, we went to Pei Wei for lunch and for the first time ever, she sat in a high chair.  She was having the time of her life in that thing.  She’s still kind of small, but we buckled her in and she got to be sitting up high looking around at everyone and generally being the center of attention, as usual.

EDIT: Baby was very talkative today.  I managed to capture a bit, apologies for poor quality


Things That Are Making Life Awesome Right Now:

1) The ERGObaby.  Seriously.  Why did I not know about this before?  I cannot express how much better this has made life at home with the wee one.  And especially now that I have lots of steps to climb to reach the apartment and a laundry room which is across the parking lot.

2) This dress from Target.  Twenty dollars!  I live in sleeveless jersey-like dresses during the summer.  Unfortunately, the ones I currently own are not so good for the whole nursing thing.  This is a perfect solution.

3) Rocking out to the Glee soundtrack in my car.  I don’t watch the show.  Not because I don’t like it, but because I forgot to DVR some episodes and I never caught up.  But the soundtrack is awesome.  I drove home this morning from Target with the windows down, singing along at the top of my lungs.  So, if anyone saw a white girl rocking out to “Gold Digger” driving through Shrewsbury, that was me.

4) I found these at Target (can you tell I love Tar-jay?) for the baby’s room.  So flippin’ cute!

5) I’m rereading The Hunger Games and Catching Fire in anticipation of the third book coming out this August.  So addictive and wonderful.

And One Thing That Truly Sucks

Lorelei has started eating carrots.  She likes them well enough, but they make her poop orange.  Imagine how wonderful that is to deal with when you’re at the store.  And she seems to be in the habit of once I take her dirty diaper off and get a clean one ready she pees everywhere.  Second time in three days that she’s done that.  Fortunately, her diaper cover didn’t get wet this time and I had an extra onesie (for like the first time in forever) but still.  Ew.

In Transit

Next week, I hope to be back to a more regular blogging schedule, but things are really hectic.  We’re still trying to move everything out of the house and get it ready for sale and right now my friend has all of her stuff over there until she moves into her new apartment on Tuesday.  Until then I leave with an adorable baby video and a preview of our new kitchen:

One Half

Dear Lorelei,

Half a year has gone by.  You are still my tiny baby, but you’re changing so fast.

You giggle and chatter all day long.  But on the rare occasion when you cry, it’s a scream.

My little scooter.  Not crawling yet, but you are definitely making forward progress.  Doing your little push-ups and scootin’ along.  You are always so intent on finding furniture to chew on

Last week we moved.  You’ll probably never remember your first home, but we did this for you.  We want you to grow up somewhere wonderful.  We want to be able to give you everything and this is the best way we can see to achieve that.

I love you so very much,

Your Mother


Three days we’ve been here.  Side note: two other lovely ladies also moved into new homes on Wednesday.  Internets, sometimes you make the world seem so small.  There are still boxes needing to be unpacked and things at the house that still need to migrate over here – just odds and ends, mostly – but it is already starting to feel like home.

Lorelei’s room is the most done of all of them.  We came over on Monday (Tuesday? This week is beginning to blur) and put up her monkey decals.  All of her things came over with the movers.  Her crib is at an angle in the corner between two floor to ceiling windows and next to that is my rocking chair.  A dresser is on one wall and the changing table is opposite on the other and, on the floor, like a welcome mat to her room is her monkey rug.  In the afternoons, even with the shades closed, it is full of soft light.

Already, I’m getting used to the squeak of the floorboards as our upstairs neighbor moves around her apartment.  I’m getting used to hearing the sound of wind blowing through the trees (trees!) around our building.  I’m thinking and planning what I want to do with our balcony.  We have a grill and some pretty old patio furniture.  Brian hung the red lantern that we got from World Market over the table.  I want to plant hanging baskets and get some nice, easy to care for potted plants.  I want this apartment to feel like a real home.

End of an Era

As I sit here, it is around 5 am.

Tonight is the last night we will spend in this house.  We’ve lived here for nearly four years and while that might not seem like a long time to some people – Brian’s parents have been in the same house since before he was born – it is a long time for us.  This was our house and, despite it’s problems, we loved it.

Four years ago, from the second I walked in the door, I fell in love with this place.  I pictured us sitting in our sun room reading as a summer breeze kept us cool.  I could see parties being held in our backyard which was really just a giant brick patio.  I loved the ten foot ceiling upstairs and the six foot ceiling in the basement.  I remember making a pallet on the floor because I was too excited to be living here to wait for all the furniture to be moved in.

In this house, Brian proposed.  It was a late Sunday night in October – I had just returned from a long day of work – and he surprised me with a gorgeous bouquet of roses and the question I had been waiting for him to ask me.  If I stand in the dining room, I can picture the event clearly in my mind: I dropped my bags and just hugged him tightly for several minutes.  It may not have been the most “romantic” proposal ever, but this is where it happened.

In this house, I took my first and also my second pregnancy tests.  One was a couple years ago and was negative.  One was a little more than a year ago and was positive.  In this house, my belly grew.

On November tenth of last year, when she was just two days old, we brought Lorelei home to this house.  We thought and planned and dreamed of what it would be like for her to grow up here.  We imagined how we would remodel the house so that she could have her own space when she was a little older.  In my mind I could see her splashing in a kiddie pool in our backyard and learning to walk in our living room.

Not quite two weeks ago, everything changed.

We made a decision that we probably should have made a year ago: we decided to move.  We resisted because, like I said, we loved this house.  We loved it’s quirks.  What we didn’t love was the ridiculously expensive mortgage payments and the inconsiderate neighbors.  We didn’t love that our bedroom and the nursery were in the same room and that it was going to be that way for a long time.

This morning, the movers come.  They won’t be taking everything, but they will be taking the big stuff.  The stuff that means we’re officially living in a new place.  And when they do come, I will probably cry.  When, in a week or so, the last of our stuff is gone from this house, I will stand in each empty room and think of all the good things that have happened in them and cry some more.

But then I will lock the door for the last time and go home to my new apartment.  The apartment where Lorelei will say her first words and take her first steps.  There will be good memories there, too.


I’m overwhelmed by a lot of things these days.

If you ask me how I’m feeling, my response is almost always: “Tired, stressed and overwhelmed.”

We had a visit from the realtors on Saturday (had to reschedule from Tuesday), and let me tell you, it was not encouraging.  We bought our house in 2006 when house prices were extremely high.  We’ve sunk a lot of money into repairing the roof and the chimneys.  But it is unlikely we will even come close to making our two mortgages – yes we have two and spare me the lecture about what a poor financial decision that was – let alone making any sort of profit.  I’m overwhelmed by the outcomes in front of us: short sale, foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure.  None of them are particularly appealing.

I’m overwhelmed by this move.  We have a lot of stuff.  A lot.  1,500 square feet worth of stuff which we have to condense into a 1,000 square foot apartment.  I’m feeling sad about a lot of the things I know we will end up giving away.  None of it is all that important but I always feel that the second I give anything away, that’s the moment when I really wish I had it.  I have already taken four bags of clothes to Goodwill, two more are ready to go and there might be even more if the thrift store doesn’t want some of my “nicer” stuff.

I’m overwhelmed because Brian has had to work so much these last few weeks.  Of course, we didn’t know we were going to be moving, but it still sucks giant donkey balls.  On more than one occasion, he’s had to work events and not get home until between 8 and 10.  And the next day, he would have to go in early.  I feel so tired.  Trying to pack with a six month old who is becoming more mobile (not crawling yet, but she’s good at scooting and rolling) is a pain.  She doesn’t seem to want to be more than a few feet from me which means she is frequently within easy reach of whatever I’m packing – she was very interested in the stacks of DVDs the other day – and I’m always worried she will find some way to topple stuff over on top of herself.  Fun.

But I’m also overwhelmed by how amazing my friends are.  Even though they are in the midst of finals, three of them came over and loaded up their cars with boxes of books and small pieces of furniture.  They hauled that stuff up a hill from the parking lot and to our second floor apartment.

I’m overwhelmed.