Monthly Archives: June 2009

A Text Message

“I had a dream you were a really badass undercover cop.” –Rory



There is a disturbing trend in facial hair for relief pitchers in major league baseball. I like to call it the tumor beard. Observe. This is Jason Motte of the Cardinals and if I could think of the name of that other pitcher I would link to his picture as well, but alas, his name escapes me at this point in time. Perhaps the husband will think of it. I would like to shave all of their beards.

It’s Too Hot

Sunday Brian and I went to the drag boat races at Creve Coeur Lake. It was full of hoosiers.

This is both incredibly patriotic and incredibly unpatriotic at the same time. Anywho. It was about 100 degrees outside and despite the fact that I guzzled Gatorade like it was going out of style, I felt horribly sick the next day. Oh well. Got some decent pictures for my photojournalism class.

Unnecessary Cat Photos!

So…I bought a new camera. A fancy new camera. So now I can take even better pictures of the kitties. Like this:

And also this:

I Should Know Better

One of the “great” things about being pregnant is the prenatal vitamins. Yes. I do so love trying to swallow two horse-sized pills everyday. One of which is a fish oil supplement. Since fish contains mercury and I can’t have more than two servings per week, I get all those excellent nutrients from the vitamin. Unfortunately, if I don’t take it within about an hour of eating…well, let’s just say that bad things tend to happen. And this happened on at least two other occasions so I really should have learned my lesson by now.

So that was my night last night. /end whine


Is anyone still out there in reader land? Probably just the husband. I have a very good reason though: I’m pregnant. And while that is not a good excuse for not writing since it’s one of the least strenuous activities in the world, the first several months would mostly have been me complaining about how crappy I was feeling and frankly, no one wants to hear me whine everyday. Not even Brian, although he does put up with it. So welcome back and I promise I will try to keep whining to a minimum.

Moving on. Tuesday I will be 18 weeks. Check out my big belly: