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Water Baby


Twelve & Thirteen Weeks

The last two weeks have not been so great. (I think I’m going to be saying that a lot until March.) After getting over the YEAST! INFECTION! I was better able to focus on the next major problem: headache of DOOM! DOOM, I tell you. I had headaches when I was pregnant with Lorelei but they were nothing compared to this. It is an unholy combination of migraine and the worst sinus infection you could imagine. One afternoon, my entire face – all the way down to the jaw – was in excruciating pain. Now, I’m on a daily dose of two extra strength Tylenols and a cup of coffee when I get up in the morning. It makes the headaches bearable until at least dinnertime, which is more than I should really expect.

So, there’s the headache situation. I told you that pregnancy was glamorous.

I’ve also really been struggling with food lately. More than I would really like to admit. It has been a rough couple of weeks food wise which is only made harder because of all the guilt I feel. If I’m being really honest, my cravings have been on the fatty and greasy side. KFC, greasy mexican food, even McD’s. And it makes me feel so guilty every time I give in and eat it, which I almost always do. I know I should eat better. I know it. We get delicious and fresh food from our CSA every week, but that is so rarely what I want to be eating. So, in addition to the guilt I feel over not eating what I should be, I also feel horrible that I’m letting food go to waste.

This week has been better. Not great – I had something nasty to eat for dinner last night, and no I’m not telling you what it is – but better. Now, if only I could find someway to cook beets that would make me actually want to eat beets, I would consider it a winning week. Really, we have one and a half tomatoes and half an eggplant left and that’s it. Okay, some eggs and cheese, too, but that will last a little while longer. So, yay! Improvement.

I had two appointments last week. On Monday, I spent more than two hours in the car driving Lorelei out to Wildwood to spend the day with one of the few moms from the playgroup I like enough to actually socialize with outside of playgroup (that’s a whole separate post). So, I drove half an hour out to Wildwood, half an hour to the hospital, spent almost two hours getting an ultrasound and then another half an hour back to Wildwood. And then I had to drive home. I was pooped by the time that day was over.

Things are fine, but apparently I make uncooperative fetuses. Much like Lorelei in every ultrasound I ever had with her, this one refused to get into a position that was conducive to getting the measurements they needed. We kept having to stop and do something else, hoping that he/she would be in a better position after a few minutes. This included getting stabbed four times trying to get a blood draw. My veins are also uncooperative. They always have been, but this was excessive. So, after a failed attempt it was back to looking at the baby, who really liked having his/her hands up by his/her face. Not helpful, baby. Not helpful at all. Pause again, new sonographer came to take my blood. Success! Back to the baby. Finally got lucky. Almost two hours and about a pound of goo later and I was finally free.

Now, I get to wait and fret for several weeks before I get my results. I shouldn’t worry. With Lorelei, the risk of birth defects was about as low as you could possibly get. Of course, every baby is different and I probably won’t stop fretting until this is all over.

Then on Wednesday, I braved taking Lorelei to my regular appointment with me. Despite the fact that my appointment was at 9 and the office opens at 8, I sat for at least ten minutes past my appointment time before I was even called back. And then we spent another half hour in the exam room. For what turned out to be about a ten minute visit.


Like I said before, things look good. I’ve gained approximately 3 pounds. Woo! I got to hear the heartbeat 158, woo! And that was about it.

Luckily, Lorelei was surprisingly well behaved. She lay down on the tile and colored almost the entire time we were waiting. And, of course, my OB gushed over how adorable (and big!) she was. I always appreciate that since it makes up for the many times we’re at home when she is most definitely NOT adorable.

Finally, the long awaited peek at my baby belly bloat:

I’m finally getting to the point where my pants are too tight. Yay? Luckily for me, I have lost so much weight since Lorelei that I have pants in the next size up to get me through the next month when I can afford to buy new maternity clothes. Because “luckily” for me I lost so much weight that the maternity clothes I currently own would fall off my butt if I tried to wear them. I’m trying not to stress about it too much, but I already feel like such a schlump that I’m not sure how much longer I can go wearing clothes that fit in all the wrong ways. It’s one of the reasons I hate leaving the house. Unfortunately with an active toddler, staying at home all the time is not happening.

Oh, well. I’m surviving.

Eleven Weeks

Ten Weeks

Nine Weeks

A Day on the Farm

Yesterday, we played hooky and headed west. Not too far west, just far enough to get to Purina Farms.

Hi, I’m a cow. You’re going to watch me get milked later.

It all started with a headache. Okay, that’s not entirely true. It all started with getting woken up in the wee hours of the morning by the just weaned toddler – who wasn’t sleeping very well to begin with OMFG – and then not being able to go back to sleep and then having a horrible headache of doom! So, while Brian took Lorelei to get our traditional Sunday donuts – two things a) Lorelei doesn’t get any 2) shut up, it’s our weekly crappy food splurge and bonus 3) okay, I’d be lying if I didn’t say my diet has been really bad the last few weeks but whatever LET ME HAVE MY DONUTS! Where was I? Well, Lorelei went with him because as he headed towards the door she started to throw a tantrum and go “NONONONO!” Yeah, it’s cute that she doesn’t want her daddy to leave. While they were gone, I sat on the couch like the lazy bum that I am and thought about what we could do that was cheap and fun. Thought the first was Eckert’s but they don’t have any of the fun kid stuff open right now. Grant’s Farm? Hello, twelve dollars for parking. No. We’ve been to the zoo a half dozen times already this summer. It was time for something different.

So. Purina Farms it was. By the way, worst website ever. It was impossible to find any of the pertinent information. You know, like what time they opened. Oy.

Upon our arrival, Lorelei was instantly drawn to this:

Woo! Let’s learn about making pet food!

It was difficult, but we managed to drag her away with the promise of cows! and horses! Also, toy tractors just waiting to be filled with corn kernels:

Yes, Lorelei. Your parents are totally going to cave and buy you your very own toy tractor.

Honestly, it’s a pretty small place so there isn’t a whole lot to do. Lorelei had a good time seeing all the animals though. And, of course, riding a small tractor:

Lorelei’s new favorite word: Tractor. Or twacktar, as she pronounces it.

The highlight of the trip was the dog show (naturally).

Diving dog. Totally didn’t get the pool in the picture. My bad.

We finished off our excursion with some pretty nasty (but delicious food)

Okay. Look. I really don’t want to talk about how badly I’ve been eating lately. Well, I do. Because I know I need to get better. I also know that I’m pregnant and most things make me feel nauseous still (including vegetables, I’m not even kidding), so I go with what I’m not going to throw up later in the day. Anyway…

That was my weekend. What did you all do the last few days?

Eleven Weeks

…and one day because I was too tired and cranky to do this yesterday.

I have two words for you. Yeast. Infection. I have only had this horror one other time in my life and that was nine (ish?) years ago. So, yeah. I’ve been in a really great mood the last week. I even got a call from the doctor – two weeks after my appointment – letting me know that my pap was normal but it looked like there was some yeast. I was like, No, shit. Really? Honestly, couldn’t you have called me a little bit earlier to let me know that I had such a wonderful treat coming my way. By the way, top care generic brand three day cream stuff works pretty well. I almost feel human again and certainly less yeasty.

Pregnancy is glamorous, y’all.

The good news is that I’ve only vomited once this week. Hooray! And most days I don’t feel completely nauseous. Also, hooray! I’m less tired, too. In fact, I didn’t even take a nap yesterday afternoon even though I could have. Instead, I watched cooking shows and bad television (have you seen Covert Affairs? It’s pretty terrible. Also, awesome) and ignored the dirty dishes in the sink. It was nice to not want to die from fatigue for a change. Of course, by the time I went to bed I was dealing with a headache the size of Alaska. I’m totally blaming that on the not napping.

Next week, I have my first real ultrasound to assess my risk for birth defects. This necessitates driving all the way out to Wildwood to drop Lorelei off with a friend and her son and then driving another half hour back to go to my appointment because Brian had a meeting and couldn’t watch her. Cough.

Also next week, I might finally let you see my baby bloat. Maybe. I fully intended to take a picture this week but alas, I’ve already taken my bra off for the night and it’s just way too hard to go put it back on. Sorry. And yes, I am making up ridiculous excuses now. Cough cough.

Things I’ve been craving: Pickles. Yes, the pickle craving begins. In fact, it began at 3 am Saturday morning when I woke up hungry it was the only thing I wanted to eat. We didn’t have any. Tragedy. Although I haven’t had any yet, I was really craving a hot dog with Easy Cheese. I know, I’m disgusting.

Friday Palate Cleanser

Had a shitty week? Yeah, me too. Do you know what you need? You need videos of Lorelei being adorable. Yes, you do.

This first one is from a few months ago which might or might not be the last time I vacuumed the couch cushions. Go on, judge me.

And video number two is a classic example of Lorelei’s favorite activity. No, seriously. We go to the cafe at Barnes and Noble and she will sit there stacking the tea tins while I order. The barista has even offered to save empty ones for me.

I hope you enjoyed and have a fantastic weekend! As for me, I’m now going to use my amazing psychic powers to get Lorelei to fall asleep for a nap. You will fall asleep, you will fall asleep…

Garden Morning

Today could have been a good day. It had the potential, like every new day, to be really and truly wonderful. The sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot. Lorelei and I were dressed and out the door before nine – a miracle, really. I loaded us into the car and set out for adventure or, in this case, MOBOT.

(I know you were probably all hoping that I had forgotten all about my favorite place in St Louis because then I wouldn’t bore you with a thousand pictures. Haha. Too bad for you.)

Despite our early start, the lot was full and we had to park around the corner. Instead of getting pissy, I enjoyed the warm sun and the cool breeze as we strolled (get it? she’s in a stroller. Hahaha) through the neighborhood and up the walkway to the entrance. And then we had to navigate through the eight thousand people who were milling around out front. I had hoped that we weren’t too early for the tram tour, but they didn’t start until ten. So, the two of us wandered nearby in the Temperate House and the Climatron:

We even hit up the Treemendous (get it?) exhibit for a little while. It turned out to not be the best idea since she was having so much fun running around with the other kids and coloring that she pitched a fit when I tried to put her back in the stroller. It’s not unusual for that happen, but she’s been a lot better lately and I was really hoping we were past that particular tantrum. Oh well.

Want to see some pictures from the tram tour?

Haha. Me too! She was a little freaked out for some reason when we first climbed aboard. Somehow, she managed to not only cling to me but also grip her stuffed owl, her sippy cup and her snack container. It was impressive in it’s pathetic adorableness. However, that meant that taking pictures was completely out of the question.

We rounded out our morning wandering around the central axis and snapping pictures of the water lilies.

And frogs, too!

Tucked in a corner was a part of the garden that I’d never been to before. It was bright and sunny and the fountains splashed away. Lorelei sat happily in her stroller chatting at the sprays as I took pictures half-laying down on the tile. Yep, I was the weird one.

So, you see, it had the potential to be a very good day. As per usual, by the afternoon I was stressed and exhausted and in such a horrible mood because of things that I can’t really talk about that I wanted to just curl up in bed and cry. It started out really well, though.

It did.

Ten Weeks

What’s the best word to describe this pregnancy so far? Surreal.

It’s hard for me to believe that I’m actually pregnant even with the daily reminders of bone-crushing fatigue, all-day nausea and cramps. Perhaps it’s because I’ve done this once before and there is a certain feeling of this being completely old hat now. When I was pregnant with Lorelei, I thought about it constantly. I was reading books constantly and checking on the internet for every little twinge or weird feeling I had. Now, I am all Pfft, I know what I’m doing. But I really don’t. I don’t feel significantly better prepared for things this time around despite my previous experience. I really don’t have any idea what I’m doing.

This week, my little kidney bean is about an inch long. That’s about the size of a kumquat if you’re into fruit comparisons. (You’re standing in my kumquats!) I’m feeling a little better and the vomiting seems to have stopped (for now, knock on wood). I’m waiting for the day when I stop feeling like going back to sleep the second I wake up, but I think I might have to wait awhile longer.

Things that are awesome: Marinara sauce, lamb ragout, gumbo. Taking a long bath, swimming laps in the pool.

Things that are NOT awesome: The flight cage at the zoo and walking past the penguin exhibit (bird poop and fish! barf). Asshat neighbors who interrupt my precious nap time with their douchey guitar music.

Still no picture everyone. Although my bloat is impressive, I still feel too turd-like to want to commit this moment to pictures.

Nine Weeks



“That narrator sounds familiar.”

“It sounds like James Earl Jones.”

“Yeah. But British.”

(half an hour later)

“Oh, it’s Timothy Dalton.”

“Like I said, the British James Earl Jones.”

“Except not black.”

“I said he was British.”

“So, the Time Lords are evil now.”

“Well, they’re lead by Timothy Dalton, so yeah.”


Two Plus One Plus One

If you read my husband’s blog, you will have already heard the news. For those of you who do not, we have a bit of news:




I’m pregnant!



Yeah. Exclamation points. That’s about the only way to describe how I felt when I found out. On the one hand, I kind of expected it but, on the other hand, OH! EM! GEE! we’re going to have two kids. Holy crap.

Today marks nine weeks and that means that I currently feel like a giant turd.

Currently Craving: Mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, tomato soup. Also, chocolate cake. Warm and delicious, fresh out of the oven chocolate cake. Alas, I feel to crappy to bake anything for myself.

Currently Avoiding: Garlic. Wow. The smell of garlic is the most horrible thing on the planet. Also, most vegetables.

Other than my all-day-everyday nausea – with bonus vomiting of nothing but bile! – I’m also exhausted and feel like the worst wife and mother on the planet. I remind myself, however, that this will pass. Maybe soon. I hope.


*Sorry, no belly shot. See: feel like a giant turd. Also, I look pretty much the same except for a bit of a bloat-related pooch. I am all kinds of sexy right now, believe me.