3 Months (and 4 Days)

Dear Amélie,

My favorite time of day is the early morning (usually around 5 am). Not because I want to be awake – because I don’t – but because that is when you are often waking up for the first time. The sun is thinking about coming up and the light in our bedroom is a bluish gray. Everything is washed in that color. I wish I could take a picture of that light in such a way that it would do it justice. I love that light. I love it because you want to snuggle with me. After your early morning nursing session, still drowsy from milk and a trickle of it running across your cheek, I let you lay in the crook of my arm, your head resting on my bicep. You smile in your sleep and your hands flutter and grab at my skin.

I want to freeze time. I want to live in those moments before you are fully awake and revel in your babyhood. My second little girl. The days are flying by. Since I last wrote, you’ve attended a wedding:

Started to smile:

Played with your sister:

Slept through trips to the zoo (yes, that’s you snuggled in there)

And the Magic House.

While your first two months were easy – really, I lucked out and got the easiest newborn ever with you – the last month has been a struggle. But we’ve survived. We survived your first nursing strike. (You are making it known that you are not your sister, throwing me for a loop with something she never did.) Your awake more now which is good and bad. Good because I get to see your smiles and hear your giggles. Bad because that means I need to adjust again and learn how to split my time between you and your sister. I still haven’t gotten it right.

I promise it will get better. I thought a family of three was perfect but now I’m really digging being four.

Love you forever and ever,

Your Mother

A Few Vital Stats:

  • Likes: When Lorelei and I sing “Mahna Mahna,” people blowing gently on your face, watching baseball on the television, chewing on your dinosaur rattle (when Lorelei lets you have it)
  • Dislikes: Napping, being held in the cradle position (especially when you are most definitely NOT hungry), carseats
  • New Skills: So, so, so very close to rolling over, sitting in the Bumbo for 5 minutes before you start to tip over)
  • Weight: 12 pounds, 14 ounces (as of 5/30/12)

About Kirsten

Wife, mother, writer and all around knerd. Maker of cookies, scarves and really big messes.

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