Really Belated Photo Post: New Orleans

I know it was almost two months ago, but here is a recap of our trip to the Big Easy. Bonus: if you are currently freezing your buns off like I am, you can remember that it was not all that long ago that we were all wearing short sleeves and basking in the sun.

Thursday October 13

This was our driving day. We had originally planned on doing this overnight but I’m really glad we scrapped that plan. We were hoping to avoid toddler meltdown by driving while she would normally be sleeping, but Lorelei was really well behaved and I’m glad we opted not to have the two of us be horribly sleep deprived. After dropping off the last of our diaper service diapers and a quick breakfast at McD’s – the pancakes, they call to me – we were out of St Louis by 8 am. Lorelei slept a little in the morning and spent the rest of the trip either staring out the window or playing with one of her toys. We didn’t even have to break out the DVD player.

It turns out that was the best behaved part of the trip for our darlingest of daughters. Upon our arrival at the hotel, we discovered that they had not given us a crib as we had requested. Luckily, I had Brian cram the Pack-n-Play in the trunk “just in case.” Lorelei hates sleeping in it. HATES. While we would normally be able to just plop her down in the crib after we’ve gone through our bedtime ritual and she would go to sleep within thirty minutes, she screamed her head off when we tried to do the same thing with the Pack-n-Play. She entered full meltdown mode. She had to be shushed to sleep while Brian held her and I was lying next to them in bed. Twenty minutes later, we feasted on beef jerky and trail mix because we were too tired to venture out for a real dinner.

Friday October 14

It wasn’t until the next morning that we discovered the true tragedy of this trip: our hotel didn’t get the Disney channel. Judge if you must, but that girl loves her some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Lack of child appropriate television meant we were out of the room be shortly after nine. Since our hotel was in the warehouse district and close to the riverfront, we started out with a nice stroll past the convention center:

And then it was onwards to the riverfront. We were in luck and there was a cruise ship docked there during our stay. Lorelei might be a little obsessed with vehicles of all kinds:

We were also fortunate to be close to the Louisiana Children’s Museum. The rest of our morning was spent playing there.

As luck would have it, Lorelei was very anti-nap during the trip. I mean, bad luck. Very, very bad luck. That afternoon, instead of sleeping, we walked down to the French Quarter. It was a bit of a hike but there were some very pretty buildings and Lorelei got her first taste of Praline.

Saturday October 15

After another crappy night’s sleep, early morning wake-up and complete lack of things to do at the hotel, we headed back to the French Quarter. We made the rather poor decision of taking a streetcar. We had to wait forever and Lorelei was not happy about us keeping her from running out and playing on the tracks. Oh. Em. Gee.

After another failed nap attempt, I banished Lorelei and Brian so that I could sleep. Cranky pregnant lady over here. The wedding was that night and I needed to not be in a completely foul mood.

Somehow, despite the late hour, we survived. Lorelei had to be taken out for the first part of the ceremony since she wouldn’t sit still but after a little bit of time, she must have finally realized that she was tired and spent the second part of the wedding slumped against Brian’s shoulder, happily sucking her pacifier and clutching her Sesame Street figures. She fell asleep on the way to the reception and then slept for about ten or fifteen minutes after we got there. After she woke up, however, she was ready to party!

That’s my girl, in the middle of the dance floor. She also spent a lot of time trying – and succeeding – in climbing up next to the DJ and dancing on the stage. It was a good night.

That’s my friend in her super cute wedding dress which I wish I had gotten a better picture of. Alas…

Sunday October 16

Time to head home. It was then that we realized that Brian and I had both come down with the plague. Somehow we made it back to St Louis before midnight even though we didn’t leave town until after lunch.

Traveling with a toddler is hard.


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  1. It was worth the wait to see this story and the pictures.

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