25 Weeks

I’m tempted to leave you with just this one picture. It about sums up how I’m feeling: big and uncomfortable and taking up too much space.

At 25 weeks, I still don’t look very pregnant. I get the “Oh, you look great!” and “Still so small!” reactions all the time and, just like with Lorelei, it makes me a little punchy. I know that I’m not that big. I get it. It’s just the way I grow ’em, I guess.

I’ll give you a real picture now.

At my doctor’s appointment last week, I was up 17 pounds – to put that in perspective, I had gained about 10 with Lorelei by this point – which means I’m right on track for the normal 25-30 pound weight gain. Baby girl number two also really likes to kick the doppler.

Something else I learned recently, my insurance no longer fully covers what they call “non-essential” services. Do you want to know what they consider “non-essential?” Blood work and ultrasounds. The only thing they cover completely are the 10 minute office visits that I can often spend 30-45 minutes waiting in an exam room for. It was giving me some serious rage issues when we first learned that all those little bills from the hospital were not sent to us in error. Or really, insurance? That extra $12 to pay for my ultrasound completely was too much for you? What annoys me even more is that, with the exception of my first trimester ultrasound, every single thing I’ve had done is required by my doctor. There is no way they would let me skip any of those tests. Tell me again how that’s “non-essential.” What annoys me the most, if I had not gotten an ultrasound, I would not have found out about my placenta previa. What if Brian and I had *ahem* “relations” not knowing that I shouldn’t be doing that? What would have happened then, Mr Insurance Company? It’s not something I like to dwell on too much. I still don’t know what’s going to happen and I won’t know anymore until my ultrasound in January which my insurance isn’t going to cover completely. Awesome.*

Other things going on the last few weeks: I feel like crap. I sleep like crap. I have tension headaches. I can’t fall asleep because baby girl likes to pick the second I lay down to start her gymnastics routine. Yeah, I’m one big ball of positivity over here.

*I would like to state for the record before anyone says anything, I am very grateful that I have insurance at all. I know that a lot of people don’t and a lot of people can’t afford it. I am lucky. I get that. But since this is a new policy, it came as a bit of a shock to suddenly be getting medical bills in the mail when I didn’t get a single one the entire time I was pregnant with Lorelei. So, yeah. And I can still be pissed about it. So there.


About Kirsten

Wife, mother, writer and all around knerd. Maker of cookies, scarves and really big messes.

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  1. I am having trouble coming up with strong enough adjectives for your insurance not covering ultrasounds and bloodwork. It is outrageous, egregious, sexist, misogynistic, irresponsible, and makes me want to burn something down. Is there a word for pyromania-inducing? Flamey? That sounds off-topic.

    Anyway, that dress is awesome. Hugs!

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