Belated Photo Post: Scottish Games

I have quite a backlog of photos from the last month since I haven’t much felt like doing anything other than lounging on the couch in the evenings – my prime blogging time – so here’s some stuff from almost a month ago!

The day started out pretty chilly. We also had to park about a mile away from the entrance since the geniuses that schedule events at Forest Park not only had the Scottish Games going on, but some sort of breast cancer awareness walk (it was called the Sista Strut – I didn’t make it up, I swear). We also decided against the stroller since Lorelei has developed an intense dislike of them and I didn’t want to push an empty stroller around all morning. She seems to enjoy riding on her daddy’s shoulders (sometimes) so there’s that.


Lorelei loves owls. I might have mentioned before that her lovey is a stuffed owl named Hedwig. (Side note: She does actually call her that, she just can’t pronounce the ‘H’)

I sometimes think she was meant to be raised on a farm.

After all the animals, we tried to do some of the kids’ activities. She didn’t much feel like coloring. And the mini-golf didn’t interest her (her feelings on the subject have changed since then). The reason being that she spotted this:

Soccer! Imagine her tantrum disappointment when we had to drag her away to prevent her accidentally getting hit in the head by the other ball that was being kicked around by a surly eight year old.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of the actual games. No parade of tartans, only a glimpse of the caber toss. (Nap times are not something we mess with.) And despite her unwillingness to try either shepherd’s pie or cornish pasty, I think we managed to have a good time.


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  1. I just died of cuteness!!!

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