Climbing Out

As I hastily shoveled my leftover beans (liberally sprinkled with cheese and doused in ranch) (shut up) into my mouth, I noticed a subtle difference in the apartment. The quiet chattering that usually accompanies the beginning of nap time had been replaced by something a little louder. Something a little more insistent. And then I heard the banging on the door. I looked around, checking that both cats were present and accounted for – somewhat unnecessarily since I had just fed them and had seen them not two minutes earlier – and then I knew. The day I had been dreading had finally arrived.

Lorelei was out of the crib. And she wanted out of her room RIGHT! NOW!

I honestly do not know how she accomplished this feat but I knew that transitioning her to a toddler bed right now was not an option. Yes, right before a big trip is a good time to change sleeping arrangements. Or not. I mean, not a good time to change sleeping arrangements.

I removed everything from the crib. The extra stuffed animals that she didn’t really snuggle with but did occasionally play with during the beginning of her nap were the first to go. I stripped off the crib rail protectors that have been there since she started teething and I never got around to removing. The extra blanket that was draped over one side to keep out a bit of extra daylight was tossed into the growing pile of detritus. Anything that she could possibly use to escape was removed. I turned the crib to face the wall and left her with her one blanket, her demon bear/sound machine and Hedwig (of course).

It worked for naptime. But now, I am sitting here on the couch and every sound she makes seems louder. It seems like she has gotten out again. (I’m pretty sure she hasn’t since I listened at the door a few minutes ago and I could here her rolling around in the crib.) I can’t help but wonder, though. Her usual early bedtime noises are more concerning when there is the possibility that they are because she is making her escape again.

This day has sucked and I really want her to be asleep. In her crib. And I want to stop worrying every time I hear a sound. I have never wanted a video monitor more in my life.

What do I do?


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  1. Alicia Lewis Finlayson

    I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but Lorelei is just shy of turning two and she’s right on schedule. My nephew, Eric, was 20 months old when I had Patrick. I used Eric’s baby bed for Patrick so guess what? Eric was moved into a toddler bed and after a few nights of dealing with the adjustment, he loved his “big boy” bed and did just fine. Then, two years later, Eric was moved again into a regular twin bed and Patrick graduated from his baby bed to the same toddler bed Eric had slept in because he figured out how to swing his little leg over the side of the baby bed. Geez…..Personally, I preferred the lowness of the toddler bed to the thought of him getting hurt while “escaping” from the baby bed. I don’t recall everything about that time, but I do remember that I put a baby gate at the door to his bedroom so that if he did get up anytime through the night he was confined to his room, and I always used a baby monitor. Oh, and one
    more thing… of us always rocked him to sleep in the tv room and then put him in the toddler bed when he’d already fallen asleep.
    You’ll deal with it and figure out the best way to handle the situation in your particular case. Good luck and keep us posted on how things
    are going.

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