Fall, Is That You?

I just imported 154 photos onto my laptop. And while I probably should do things in order and give you photo-filled recaps of the Japanese Festival and our trip to the Transportation Museum last weekend, I just cannot deal with that many photos right now.

Every window in my house – except for the ones in the baby’s room – are currently open. Okay, that’s only two and is technically only half the windows in my house. But, saying “all my windows” sounds better. Ahem. So, we are enjoying cool Fall-like air and the smell of rain. It’s wonderful but also makes me very drowsy and longing to curl up in bed with a book and just slug it up for awhile. I’ve been resisting the urge, however, and took Lorelei to the playground yesterday instead.

Lorelei did all the stairs by herself. She usually gives up after we get down the first flight but she did them all with only a few sitting breaks.

We collected acorns. (And sticks and leaves and helicopters…)

Slides are fun! It should be noted that she always slides off the end. Every time. Luckily, the bottom of these slides are about zero inches off the ground. It’s mostly just funny and not worrisome.

Pooped. It was time for me to carry her the rest of the way home.

And this. This is why I love Fall. I feel like I’ve been hibernating all summer, the temperatures too hot to want to venture out into the world. Now, the weather is beautiful and cool. We get to do all the things I wish we could have been doing for the last three months.

Except for when it rains. Like today. Stupid rain.


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