Twelve & Thirteen Weeks

The last two weeks have not been so great. (I think I’m going to be saying that a lot until March.) After getting over the YEAST! INFECTION! I was better able to focus on the next major problem: headache of DOOM! DOOM, I tell you. I had headaches when I was pregnant with Lorelei but they were nothing compared to this. It is an unholy combination of migraine and the worst sinus infection you could imagine. One afternoon, my entire face – all the way down to the jaw – was in excruciating pain. Now, I’m on a daily dose of two extra strength Tylenols and a cup of coffee when I get up in the morning. It makes the headaches bearable until at least dinnertime, which is more than I should really expect.

So, there’s the headache situation. I told you that pregnancy was glamorous.

I’ve also really been struggling with food lately. More than I would really like to admit. It has been a rough couple of weeks food wise which is only made harder because of all the guilt I feel. If I’m being really honest, my cravings have been on the fatty and greasy side. KFC, greasy mexican food, even McD’s. And it makes me feel so guilty every time I give in and eat it, which I almost always do. I know I should eat better. I know it. We get delicious and fresh food from our CSA every week, but that is so rarely what I want to be eating. So, in addition to the guilt I feel over not eating what I should be, I also feel horrible that I’m letting food go to waste.

This week has been better. Not great – I had something nasty to eat for dinner last night, and no I’m not telling you what it is – but better. Now, if only I could find someway to cook beets that would make me actually want to eat beets, I would consider it a winning week. Really, we have one and a half tomatoes and half an eggplant left and that’s it. Okay, some eggs and cheese, too, but that will last a little while longer. So, yay! Improvement.

I had two appointments last week. On Monday, I spent more than two hours in the car driving Lorelei out to Wildwood to spend the day with one of the few moms from the playgroup I like enough to actually socialize with outside of playgroup (that’s a whole separate post). So, I drove half an hour out to Wildwood, half an hour to the hospital, spent almost two hours getting an ultrasound and then another half an hour back to Wildwood. And then I had to drive home. I was pooped by the time that day was over.

Things are fine, but apparently I make uncooperative fetuses. Much like Lorelei in every ultrasound I ever had with her, this one refused to get into a position that was conducive to getting the measurements they needed. We kept having to stop and do something else, hoping that he/she would be in a better position after a few minutes. This included getting stabbed four times trying to get a blood draw. My veins are also uncooperative. They always have been, but this was excessive. So, after a failed attempt it was back to looking at the baby, who really liked having his/her hands up by his/her face. Not helpful, baby. Not helpful at all. Pause again, new sonographer came to take my blood. Success! Back to the baby. Finally got lucky. Almost two hours and about a pound of goo later and I was finally free.

Now, I get to wait and fret for several weeks before I get my results. I shouldn’t worry. With Lorelei, the risk of birth defects was about as low as you could possibly get. Of course, every baby is different and I probably won’t stop fretting until this is all over.

Then on Wednesday, I braved taking Lorelei to my regular appointment with me. Despite the fact that my appointment was at 9 and the office opens at 8, I sat for at least ten minutes past my appointment time before I was even called back. And then we spent another half hour in the exam room. For what turned out to be about a ten minute visit.


Like I said before, things look good. I’ve gained approximately 3 pounds. Woo! I got to hear the heartbeat 158, woo! And that was about it.

Luckily, Lorelei was surprisingly well behaved. She lay down on the tile and colored almost the entire time we were waiting. And, of course, my OB gushed over how adorable (and big!) she was. I always appreciate that since it makes up for the many times we’re at home when she is most definitely NOT adorable.

Finally, the long awaited peek at my baby belly bloat:

I’m finally getting to the point where my pants are too tight. Yay? Luckily for me, I have lost so much weight since Lorelei that I have pants in the next size up to get me through the next month when I can afford to buy new maternity clothes. Because “luckily” for me I lost so much weight that the maternity clothes I currently own would fall off my butt if I tried to wear them. I’m trying not to stress about it too much, but I already feel like such a schlump that I’m not sure how much longer I can go wearing clothes that fit in all the wrong ways. It’s one of the reasons I hate leaving the house. Unfortunately with an active toddler, staying at home all the time is not happening.

Oh, well. I’m surviving.

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