Garden Morning

Today could have been a good day. It had the potential, like every new day, to be really and truly wonderful. The sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot. Lorelei and I were dressed and out the door before nine – a miracle, really. I loaded us into the car and set out for adventure or, in this case, MOBOT.

(I know you were probably all hoping that I had forgotten all about my favorite place in St Louis because then I wouldn’t bore you with a thousand pictures. Haha. Too bad for you.)

Despite our early start, the lot was full and we had to park around the corner. Instead of getting pissy, I enjoyed the warm sun and the cool breeze as we strolled (get it? she’s in a stroller. Hahaha) through the neighborhood and up the walkway to the entrance. And then we had to navigate through the eight thousand people who were milling around out front. I had hoped that we weren’t too early for the tram tour, but they didn’t start until ten. So, the two of us wandered nearby in the Temperate House and the Climatron:

We even hit up the Treemendous (get it?) exhibit for a little while. It turned out to not be the best idea since she was having so much fun running around with the other kids and coloring that she pitched a fit when I tried to put her back in the stroller. It’s not unusual for that happen, but she’s been a lot better lately and I was really hoping we were past that particular tantrum. Oh well.

Want to see some pictures from the tram tour?

Haha. Me too! She was a little freaked out for some reason when we first climbed aboard. Somehow, she managed to not only cling to me but also grip her stuffed owl, her sippy cup and her snack container. It was impressive in it’s pathetic adorableness. However, that meant that taking pictures was completely out of the question.

We rounded out our morning wandering around the central axis and snapping pictures of the water lilies.

And frogs, too!

Tucked in a corner was a part of the garden that I’d never been to before. It was bright and sunny and the fountains splashed away. Lorelei sat happily in her stroller chatting at the sprays as I took pictures half-laying down on the tile. Yep, I was the weird one.

So, you see, it had the potential to be a very good day. As per usual, by the afternoon I was stressed and exhausted and in such a horrible mood because of things that I can’t really talk about that I wanted to just curl up in bed and cry. It started out really well, though.

It did.


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