Attack of the Redneck Baby

What follows is the highly anticipated exceptionally long and boring recap of our trip to Huntsville, TX. Stay tuned tomorrow (I hope) for pictures from Lorelei’s baptism.

I couldn’t help thinking that this trip – especially since it was a two drive each way – couldn’t have come at a worse time. Lorelei has been fighting me on everything recently: eating, nap time, bed time, sleeping through the night, climbing on furniture and the last thing I wanted was to parent a difficult headstrong spirited toddler in front of my family – without, I might add, the assistance of Brian, who was staying behind. (Oh, and Flo had come for a visit right before we left – TMI!! – which makes sitting in a car for two days really fun.

Alas, I needed to go. I wanted to go. So, on the morning of June 1st, I packed Lorelei into my parents’ Prius and we set off for adventure. The first day of driving was tolerable. It became clear early on, however, that the portable DVD player was going to be the only thing that got us through the trip. I never thought I would be one of those parents who thought they needed to have a way to play movies in order to survive a road trip – we didn’t have those when we were kids and it was just fine, right? – but for a little whirlwind like Lorelei who rarely sits still for more than five minutes at a time unless she is watching one of her movies, it was the only way to survive. It was pretty uneventful except for two (yes two!) stops at Cracker Barrel to eat and a brief run around a rest area.

The night in Texarkana, however, was less than fun. We got in pretty late since it was more than halfway to our destination. Lorelei was crabby and tired of being in her car seat. I was crabby and tired of being in the car. Crabby and at the end of my sanity is not a good combination for getting the little girl put down for bed time. Add in her hatred of the Pack ‘n Play (at least for the first night or two of any trip) and fear of the unknown hotel room meant that there was screaming. SCREAMING! which I was not able to deal with. Well, thank goodness for my dad aka the Baby Whisperer, who somehow managed to calm her down and shush her to sleep.

End Day 1.

Day 2 we made the rest of the drive down. Again, it was pretty uneventful. We stopped at a Whataburger for lunch which was pretty much the highlight of the car ride. We arrived, had Mexican for dinner and then I made the mistake of taking her with us to Wal-Mart while my sister did her grocery shopping for the graduation party. Sitting in a car all day plus it being close to her usual bedtime leads to crankitude Lorelei. Sitting in the cart? Haha, no that wasn’t going to happen (at least not for the entire trip). And letting me carry her was not an option for her either, apparently. She wanted to be running around. Did I mention that I was also pretty cranky at this point? Yeah, not good.

Night number two was also a bit of a screamfest when I put her down. But I was not having it at all. I put her down, shut the door and walked away. Eventually she went to sleep. And then slept all night except for a brief pacifier related awakening and snuggle sometime around one in the morning.

Day Three I don’t remember much of. I think we went swimming in the morning since both of us were in need of a bath and a cool down. I learned there was no way she was going to be taking a nap in her Pack ‘n Play. I learned, however, that she would take a nap if she was snuggled up on the couch with her owl and her binky and her PaPaw and watching Cars. Whatever works. I got my toes did:

I know the flower might be a little trashy (a little), but I like it. I also got forced into getting my eyebrows waxed – they needed it – by the scary lady who did my sister’s and nieces brows as well. Getting her down for bed was surprisingly easy that night. Apparently, we were getting used to things.

Saturday morning, day four, was graduation time. I have no decent pictures of Holly actually graduating but I did get this:

Someone messed up and they ran out of chairs! We ducked out right after Holly’s name was called – Lorelei provided an excellent excuse for our early departure – and headed back to the house for the graduation BBQ extravaganza! Errr, something.

Also, there was napping:

And Lorelei made a friend:

All-in-all, a good day.

Our last two days were pretty uneventful. Except for when we went to the park and Lorelei got attacked by a goose:

It was mostly just laying around. Lorelei, frequently, without anything on:

Or wearing my sister’s sunglasses:

There was feeding of the animals:

And riding of tractors:

Yes. It was a good trip. There were problems, which is to be expected when traveling with a small person. I was exceptionally cranky, which really didn’t help matters any. Like I said, parenting in front of family, especially in front of family who don’t see you very often is awkward and hard. I’m pretty laid back most of the time, my mother is not. Hard. Lorelei was exceptionally clingy. Very hard.

We made it. She was (pretty) good. Now, I don’t want to go on “vacation” again for a very long time.


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  1. i’m planning to get my baptism photos uploaded to the computer when i get off work today (at 4…). Could you send me addresses for your parents and Brian’s? i want to make sure to get those disks of photos off before too long, or i’ll forget. 😛

  2. My sister never thought she’d be one of the parents who “needed” a portable DVD player, either… But it’s the only thing that keeps Abby quiet on a long plane ride!

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