Up Close

Ever since I was bitten by an evil camel, I have been reluctant to go anywhere that even remotely resembles a petting zoo. A real zoo? Sure. The likelihood of one of those animals escaping from it’s enclosure and trying to gnaw one of my hands off is incredibly small. Unfortunately, Lorelei is an animal lover and when my playgroup announced an outing to Grant’s Farm, I knew my avoidance had to come to an end.

Dearest daughter was obsessed with the goats. Although she was reluctant at first, we spent the better part of the two hours we were there standing in front of their pen. (And yes, Mom, I washed her hands afterwards.) We even tried to feed them but Lorelei kept thinking the bottle of milk was for her. I mean, that was really weird since she…uhh…never really took a bottle except for when she was really little and I have no idea why she would think it was for her but whatever. Here’s a picture of me feeding the goats:

Oh, wait. I was by myself and also wrangling an increasingly independent daughter. Here’s another picture of Lorelei and the goats instead:

And here is one of us on the tram:

What you can’t tell from looking at this picture is that I am also thinking about the bajillion things that I have to do before the little lady and I leave town for a two day drive to Texas. I should really start getting to work on all that stuff, but (HAHA) she refused to go down for a nap until almost 4 and the bulk of my preparations require her to be awake because I need to go to Target and pack up her clothes and toys and drag the Pack ‘n Play out of her closet…Hold me.


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