Transportation Museum

Y’all, I joined a playgroup.

After sixteen months, I finally pulled the trigger. Every so often, I would cruise around and look at what “mommy groups” were in the St Louis area. And then I couldn’t get up the nerve – especially since most of them charge a membership fee – to say Yes, that is the group for me. Last week I did.

Today, I attended my third event: an hour at the “Creation Station” at the Museum of Transportation

What are these gear things?

Lorelei had a blast. It was this big room full of pretty much every transportation-related toy imaginable. Being a big fan of trucks and trains and stuff, she went nuts.

This where the handicap parking should be

There was also a pirate ship.

Inside the ship - Time to swab the deck!

She got worn out:

Let me just rest for a minute...

And unlike a large portion of the other kids, did not throw a tantrum when it was time to leave. Of course, now she is WIDE! AWAKE! despite my best efforts to wear her out and is most definitely not napping. I’m going to blame Daylight Savings because that is the thing to do.

What adventures have you taken today?


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  1. Yay I’m so glad you found a meetup group! We love ours (finally). We joined ours today at Exploration place where we looked at trains, saw snakes, played in the water and had a story time. I hope that you continue to like your playgroup 😀

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