Wedding Weekend with a Toddler

When we’re having one of those days – one of the no-napping, want to rip my hair out of my scalp days – I have to remind myself that I got really lucky with Lorelei. She behaves so well in public (*knock on wood*) barring the occasional OH-EM-GEE-HOW-DARE-YOU-TAKE-AWAY-THAT-ICED-COFFEE-I-WAS-TRYING-TO-DRINK-induced tantrum. Case in point, this weekend. My dear friend Julie got married and with one thing and another we went from event to event starting Friday at lunch and ending with brunch on Sunday. Phew. First up: Lunch at the Whittemore House (super classy).

Lorelei was in a less than stellar mood – probably still mad at me about the vaccinations she got the day before – so she spent most of the luncheon (makes it even classier when I call it that) hanging out with her father and having a picnic lunch. She did, however, crash the dessert portion of the meal and eat most of my raspberry sorbet. Other than general crankitude when I didn’t give her a bite of my food fast enough (OH MY GOD WOMAN I SAID I WANTED THAT SORBET NOW!), she was an angel.Event #2: Rehearsal…

…quickly followed by event #3: Rehearsal Dinner!

During the rehearsal itself, she colored and ran between the pews. During dinner, she played with beads.

There. We made it through Friday.

Saturday did not go so well. The ceremony started at an awkward time nap wise and so, after only a short doze, we had to wake her and get her ready to go. To say that she was unhappy would be a HUGE understatement. She screamed while I put her dress on. She screamed while I put her coat on. She screamed while I was holding her. She screamed and screamed until finally I gave in and gave her a pacifier.

(We’ve been trying to only let her have it during naps and at bedtime. She’s not super attached to it, thank goodness, but I want to start the weaning process NOW! before she can talk back. What? Does that make me a bad mother?)

Anywho. Where was I? So, the pacifier calmed her down enough that we managed to get her and the three bags of stuff – her bag, camera bag and my purse – bundled into the car. We made it to the country club just before the bridal party was due to leave for the ceremony and we dropped her off with two lovely ladies who were looking after her and one other baby. I hitched a ride with the bride and bridesmaids and Brian stayed behind for a bit to calm her down.

I was blissfully unaware of the histrionics that were going down. Instead, I had this:

(Sorry, everyone! I didn’t get any pictures from the ceremony itself.)

So, when Brian left, she was still crying and carrying on like she thought we were NEVER! COMING! BACK! Which I suppose, to her, seemed very likely. One of the advantages (disadvantages?) to being at home with her all the time is that she is cautious around strangers. We’ve left her with babysitters before, but they have all been friends of ours and people that she has at least spent a little time with. And, at least recently, it’s been at home.

After the ceremony – which was lovely and yeah I misted up a little during the vows – we went directly back to the club and checked on her. She was okay-ish but happy to see us (me, especially and I bet you can guess why) and so she spent a little bit of the pre-reception time running around while pictures were taken. I mostly chased her and stood awkwardly in the corner.

After a couple hours of exploring the country club – Brian helped her climb upstairs! – and talking to her reflection and winning over the staff with her extreme adorableness, it was time to return her to her holding pen the babysitters so that mommy and daddy could enjoy themselves…

…at least until dinner time.

She crashed for another nap while she was downstairs, so she was ready to party.

(She will later be embarrassed by how spazzily I dance sometimes.)

(I swear I’m not naked, this picture just makes it look that way.)

It was a really great weekend. We were all exhausted afterwards but I don’t know that there was a single thing that could have made it better.

Congratulations, you crazy kids!


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  1. dysfunctionalsupermom

    Yay! Who cares if she cares how spazily you danced…the point is…YOU DANCED! And you looked great. So glad you had a great time. Beautiful pics too.

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