Most days, Lorelei is like this:

She is a squirmy little worm and would much prefer running around and exploring to sitting quietly in someone's lap. This normally is not much of a problem; however, this last Saturday we spent four hours at the county library for a book signing. Fortunately, I always have my enormous diaper bag bag of tricks.Distraction #1: Crayons

Over the last few months, she has started to take an interest in coloring thanks in no small part to story time. So, I always have a sandwich sized Ziploc bag with a handful of crayons and one of Brian’s unused portfolios and legal pads. She will cover an entire page with random marks, smears and squiggles. This won’t keep her distracted long…

Distraction #2: Finger Puppets

She will giggle madly whenever I get these out. I'll sneak it over the back of a chair and make pathetic meowing noises. Apparently, it's the FUNNIEST! THING! EVAR!Distraction #3: SnacksUnfortunately, all three things were no match for the marathon wait at the library.

So, we moved on to the children’s section.

What do you all keep in your bags to keep the kids entertained?


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Wife, mother, writer and all around knerd. Maker of cookies, scarves and really big messes.

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  1. Um wow. Once upon a time I didn’t leave the house without a whole bag full of toys. Now the kids play with my keys, or my phone or just dump everything out of my purse (which is small and mostly contains some chapstick, my wallet, and a couple pens). The diaper bag is, unfortunately, totally full of diapers and clothes for 3 kids. Libby keeps her Sophie the Giraffe in her carseat – but that’s it. Then again, these days I try very hard never to leave the house with all 3 kids (except for playdates) and even then not for more than 30 minutes. In a pinch, at the doctors, we’ve been known to blow up one of their latex gloves and toss it around…

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