Weekend Snapshots: St Louis Zoo

The weather the last several days – not so much today, alas – has been gorgeous. Sunday was by far the warmest, the high reaching seventy. Brian has been itching to go all winter and, like everyone else in St Louis (apparently), we figured it was the perfect day for a trip to the zoo. Passing up all the suckers who were waiting in line for the $12 parking – yes TWELVE DOLLARS – we found a spot across from Turtle Park and just a short walk from the south entrance.

Then we were stuck with the decision of which totally awesome – seriously, the St Louis zoo is the best in the country – area we wanted to explore. We settled on River’s Edge since it had hippos – Hippos Go Berserk is easily Lorelei’s favorite book – and baby elephants.

Lorelei is obsessed with “water features,” so anything that starts off with half a dozen waterfalls will mean instant happy baby! She heard the rushing water before we even rounded the corner and she went crazy. She laughed and danced in her stroller, clapping her hands.

First up, South America! There were bush dogs (which I didn’t get any decent pictures of) and the above Capybara. Don’t you love that name. It’s fun to say.

We left the savannah and moved on to the Nile. At first, we thought the hippos were hiding. Turns out, they all just wanted to bunch together in one corner of their habitat (sounds better than enclosure). The excitement was too much for the little one and she just had to get out of the stroller and be on her daddy’s shoulders.

Of course, since we caved and let her out, she absolutely would not be put back in the stroller. Nope. Was not going to happen.Look guys, elephants!

So, we made it all the way to Asia and the baby elephants were out and about. That was about it for our trip through River’s Edge. What to do next?

There are always monkeys apes. Aside: It really annoys me when people – especially parents – call them monkeys. Yes, they are related but apes are NOT monkeys. Get it right, kthxbai.

We rounded out our little zoo-venture with root beer floats (unfortunately not pictured because they were busy being in MAH BELLEH!) and running around in the warm February air near the fountain by the entrance.

Also, Turtle Park. But I’ll save those pictures for another day.


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  1. Alicia Lewis Finlayson

    And a good time was had by all. It sounds wonderful and I love seeing all the pictures.

  2. Ridiculously adorable!

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