Thankful Tuesday: Because Sometimes I Can’t Wait Until Thursday

Lorelei has been having hour long inconsolable screaming sessions the last couple nights and now she won’t take a nap, I’ve been sick for more than a week (finally on the mend, thank goodness) and Brian is at his test prep class tonight leaving me stuck in the apartment. If there was ever a day when I needed to remember how good I have it, today would be that day.

1. Date night
Saturday evening, for the first time since October and our anniversary, Brian and I went on a date. I dressed up and put on make-up and everything. First we went to the Moolah, aka the greatest movie theater ever, and saw The King’s Speech. I would watch Colin Firth in anything – and I have because yes I’ve seen What a Girl Wants – but it was really, really, really good. Or maybe I just think that because I haven’t seen a movie in the theater since summer of 2009. No, wait, it really was that good. Even though I had a dark chocolate Toblerone and my fair share of the husband’s popcorn, we still went out for dinner. The Scottish Arms, in case you were wondering. My choices were pretty limited unless I wanted to feel really sick the next day (the popcorn was enough to give me a bit of indigestion) so I went for the Bangers ‘n Mash. Mmmmm….sausage and potatoes. That is my kind of meal.

2. Lorelei behaved herself during date night
We left the daughter in the excellent care of the baby whisperer Frank and Meredith. For a little more than four hours, she was separated from both her parents and yet did not have a meltdown. Brian, naturally, spent most of the time being worried that we were going to get a frantic phone call and have to leave but that was not the case. This bodes well for our upcoming date night.

3. Plans for another date night
I think we’re going to do something a little more low key. And by that, I mean either a dinner or a movie but not both. Still, it’s time out just the husband and me (or is it “the husband and I?” I can never remember).

4. Matron of Honor in the HOUSE!
That’s right. My best friend is getting married and I get to wear a pouffy dress. And I am seriously not being sarcastic about the being excited for a pouffy – probably won’t actually be pouffy – dress at all. It’s not until May 2012, though. That is a little sad.

5. Chocolate and Orange Torte
This one. I made it for dessert on Sunday along with some homemade Grand Marnier whipped cream. I might have died. It was that good.

So what is everyone else thankful for this Tuesday?


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Wife, mother, writer and all around knerd. Maker of cookies, scarves and really big messes.

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  1. Yay for date night! So happy for your guys! It’s amazing how restorative one night out can be. And oh no I have to make that torte right now!! But I’m on detox diet this week and can’t!! But I totally will next week! YUMMO! And I’m with ya – I’m totally angling for my SIL to get married soon so I can wear a poofy dress 🙂 Hope date night #2 is just as awesome!

  2. Alicia Lewis Finlayson

    I was so glad to see Brian’s post on Facebook asking if anyone would be available to babysit, and then his post after your “date” on Saturday night. I’m glad that the two of you had a good time and that Lorelei was good for the babysitters. I hope you can have some time to yourselves again soon.

    I’m really not thankful for anything specific this Tuesday, but rather, I’m thankful for everything in general that I have in my life.

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