Midwinter Thaw

Casting shadows

Yup. It’s still winter around here and we’re expecting more snow this week. Fortunately, the weather has been a little warmer (40 degrees!) the last few days and last week’s  snow- or was it the week before? – has left streams and lakes of dirty, melted slush. Because it was so much warmer yesterday, we explored a new park. It was in one of the nicer neighborhoods (not that there is anything wrong with where we live) and it is fancier than I remember playgrounds being when I was a kid.

There were musical instruments...

...and fancy jungle gyms

Lorelei didn’t show much interest in playing on any of the equipment. She was content to run around and (not) walk through the snow

What is this stuff? You expect me to walk on it?

She investigated things on the ground.

Fallen leaves are among her favorite outdoor toys

A bowling ball, perhaps?

Crouching down to examine nature...

I’m very thankful for the slightly warmer days.

My two favorite people


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