Cooped Up

Today is my least favorite kind of day. The forecast is for SNOW! but it hasn’t yet arrived. Instead of being trapped by a blanket of beautiful white, I’m trapped by the freezing cold temperatures and the desire to not be caught out somewhere when the flakes finally do begin to fall. Also, Lorelei decided that taking a nap was not for her. Until just now. Right before 4 o’clock. Bed time is going to be super fun tonight.

It hasn’t been all bad. We snuggled together on the couch and watched Despicable Me for the millionth time. Whenever I happened to be sitting on the floor, she would crawl up into my lap and give me a hug. She even let me take a few pictures without trying to grab the camera (too many times).

Lorelei fits perfectly on the TV stand

Hey Mommy! Whatcha doin'?

Playing with Violet (Christmas gift from Aunt Tamara)

Best friends


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