Life, I Love You, All is Groovy

It has been a week since I clawed my way out of the black hole known as my depression. It has been ten days since I last took a pill. I haven’t felt this good – this normal – in so long that I couldn’t even pinpoint a date for the last time I didn’t want to stay in bed all day.

It hasn’t been the easiest week. Brian was at a study this last weekend and I’m always a little blue when he’s gone. Not because I’m – I hope I’m not, anyway – one of those women who don’t know what to do with themselves when their husbands are gone but because I actually like him and enjoy being with him. (Also “with” him. Wait. TMI?) I only occasionally allow myself a woe-is-me-why-am-I-all-alone pity party. Add to the lack of husband, a baby who is going through one of her non-sleep phases. I can’t figure out what it is exactly that’s causing it although I do have theories:

  1. She’s finally getting some teeth and they are ALL COMING AT ONCE. That’s right, my little hoosier daughter (still) only has four teeth.
  2. Growth spurt. The most effective means of getting her back to sleep is giving her a snack. We’ve alternated between nursing and giving her a bit of yogurt. Both seem to work. Perhaps she is hungry.
  3. She’s hit a developmental milestone and pretty soon she will be speaking in complete sentences. (HA!)

In spite of all this, however, I have been doing really, really, really (seriously, really) good.

I hit a bit of a wall yesterday afternoon when, after four days of not taking a nap myself, I finally crashed and slept on the couch for an hour while Lorelei was napping. Other than that, I have been amazingly productive. I CLEANED ALL THE THINGS! The kitchen went from looking like someone had thrown up on the counters to sparkling. I vacuumed the sofa and papasan chair in the living room and rearranged the furniture. I have made the bed every single day.

(Side note: Say what you will about the futility of it, but I prefer sliding between the sheets of a made bed. I don’t have to spend time tugging at the covers until they are approximately even. It also saves the husband and I from the “NO! You stole all the blankets!” argument.)

The baby’s room is picked up. The DVD binders – yep, I’m lame and put them in binders rather than having to buy yet another DVD tower – have been put somewhere that Lorelei will not pull them out and remove all the discs. I rearranged the desk.

I almost don’t even recognize this person. Is this what I was like before the days of wanting to sleep all the time and needing to be medicated?

So, I may have hit a wall but then I blew that EM EFFER UP! Still feeling good.

*Bonus points to you if you know the name of the song I got today’s title from.


About Kirsten

Wife, mother, writer and all around knerd. Maker of cookies, scarves and really big messes.

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  1. Alicia Lewis Finlayson

    Wow……I smiled when I read your title today and I continued to smile as I read every word. You go, girl.

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