We have officially become those people. You know, the ones who send a family photo with their Christmas cards. (We haven’t yet reached the newsletter phase, but I’m sure that will come.  I just hope that when it does I can write one as brilliantly snarky as this one.) I got this crazy idea in my head that we should go to the Botanical Gardens (yeah, I know I talk about going there a lot) and taking our cheesy holiday pictures there. The plan was not entirely well thought out.

For starters, it was cold. Outdoor shots were out unless we were okay with all of the shots being of us in giant winter coats. Uhhhh. No. Also, it’s the dead of winter so there isn’t exactly a lot blooming outside. Fortunately, there was always the Temperate House and the Gardenland Express (annual holiday model train exhibit).

Taking the picture in the Temperate House was made even more difficult due to Lorelei’s preoccupation with fountains. Also, we had to rig up a “tripod” – we don’t own a real one – using the stroller and turning on the self-timer.

Off center shots and Lorelei sticking her finger in her mouth were just a few of the side effects. We did manage a half-way decent shot of the three of us that went out with the card. I’ll post that one later this week. After a semi-successful family shot, I tried to get a few pictures in the train exhibit.

There were a lot with Lorelei trying to pick her nose.

And, of course, she hammed up for the camera. Big grin!


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