Ten Months

Dear Lorelei,

This morning, at precisely 2:24 am, you entered another month of life and I was there with you.  That’s right.  No matter what we do, you still wake up (at least) once in the middle of the night to eat.  You are getting better though, don’t think that you aren’t.  Bed time is not (as frequently) a struggle and more often than not you can put yourself back to sleep if you do wake up more than once in the middle of the night.  This is a vast improvement from the ways things were just a few weeks ago.

You and mommy went on your first road trip alone together this month.  You have always done well on long trips – remember that nine plus hour drive to Toledo? – but I admit that I was nervous to be doing it alone.  Previously, I would ride in the back with you to keep you entertained while your father drove and I was worried that I would spend four hours listening to you scream.  You, as usual, proved to be better than I could have hoped for.  On the drive there, you slept almost the entire time and, although you were a little bit more “chatty,” you did very well on the trip back.  You slept okay in a strange hotel room.  You met other kids and played with them without incident:

Mommy’s friend AndreAnna took that picture and – I think it’s safe to say – her kids liked you a lot.

Speaking of playing with other children, the two of us have been going to story time at the bookstore regularly.  I will admit that I have the selfish reason of it is an excuse for me to purchase coffee drinks which are bad for me, but I also know that you really love story time.  You clap along to the songs.  You are enthralled by the books.  At least, the first book.  Once your focus is used up for the day, you will find something to play with while the other kids are still listening to the book.  You drum on the metal shelves or try to crawl up the steps to the little stage.  Sometimes, you find another baby and the two of you hang out banging away on the shelves together or clapping your hands like lunatics.

I am really lucky to have you.  You are so full of joy and curiosity and energy.  Sometimes it is exhausting to keep up with you, but most of the time I just marvel at how amazing it is that I managed (along with your father) to make a baby that is as perfect as you are.

Love always,

Your Mother

The two of us at the zoo.  You were afraid of the gorilla statue

You and your daddy.


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