After a weekend that was as truly wonderful as this last one, there is always the inevitable crash.


I may have mentioned before that my credit card was declined while I was trying to pay for a hotel room a couple weekends ago and that Brian had to book the room on-line for me.  Well, I gave them my credit card anyway assuming that they were just pre-authorizing it for incidentals or in the event that there was a problem with the husband’s card.  We’ve done this before.  My sister, bless her, paid for our room in Branson but we still had to give them a card when we checked in.  So, I didn’t think much of it and went on my merry way, thinking that his card was being charged and not mine and I didn’t have to worry about things like buying gas and food.  But the transaction didn’t clear for days.  We honestly had no idea what was going on until, BOOM I checked my balance on-line and it was negative.  UH, WHAT?

Deep breaths.

Brian immediately got on the phone with the hotel.  There was a certain amount of miscommunication going on which could probably be blamed – at least in part – on the fact that I had a very crabby baby, I was tired and I really just wanted to go to sleep.  The hotel (Holiday Inn Express, in case you were wondering, and they are awesome) was very nice about it, however, and issued a refund to me and charged Brian instead.  The bank on the other hand, was not so nice.

Not only did I overdraft once for the hotel room, but twice more for a couple transactions I made afterwards.  For the record: $15 for gas and $12 bucks at Target for baby food and something else I’m not remembering right now.  Yesiree.  I was charged a total of $99 in overdraft fees because of this entire debacle.  Hilarious considering that I only overdrafted about thirty-five dollars anyway it’s just that it came from three separate transactions.

I will admit that I’m not always the best with money.  But I have only had an overdraft one other time (not counting the three weeks I was in Prague and keeping track of how much money I had in the bank with the exchange rate and the not having easy access to the internet for on-line banking was frickin’ hard).  And apparently, I only get one courtesy refund.  Uh huh.  Well, it shouldn’t have been a “courtesy refund.”  I was mistakenly charged due to a misunderstanding with the hotel.  A misunderstanding which was later credited to my account.  So, assholes on the phone, did you see that the charge that caused the overdraft was refunded TWO DAYS LATER?  Don’t talk to me like I’m some idiot who deserved to get charged A HUNDRED DOLLARS IN FEES because of a mistake.

Fuck you Commerce Bank (that’s right, I’m putting their name out there so that the few readers I do have know what a bunch of complete assholes they can be).  FUCK YOU COMMERCE BANK!  I have been screwed over by you before.  Brian has been screwed over by you.  I’m done.  If I could keep money in the mattress, I would but I can’t.  So, this afternoon we went to a new bank and opened a new account – a joint one so hopefully this shit won’t ever happen again – and I’m going to figuratively flip off Commerce Bank.  FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU COMMERCE BANK!


Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I need a stiff drink.


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