There Are No Bugs Left In Illinois…

…because they are all dead, smashed against my windshield.

This past weekend, I took Lorelei on a little adventure.  Brian was away for the weekend, getting poked with needles (he is a part-time lab rat) and I had an open invitation to go visit my (now) in real life friend, AndreAnna in Iowa.  The timing worked out extra perfectly – although not for a perfect reason – because her husband had to fly back to New Jersey to try to fix up their house for sale.


As, you may know, I have a wee bit of an anxiety problem.  And also a tendency to injure myself in really stupid ways.  Friday morning, as I was getting into the shower, I must have put my foot down funny because there was a sudden, stabbing pain that shot from my heel all the way up the back of my leg to my knee.  I could not put any weight on my foot at all for most of the morning.  I was in high stress mode already because I knew that Brian would be gone no matter what I ended up doing. Well, the thought of being alone in the apartment for two days when my foot hurt as much as it did made the decision for me.  It was my non-drivin’ foot and, by Friday evening, it was well enough to hobble around on without wanting to scream in pain so I was pretty convinced that I was going.

But then I thought about ALL.  THE.  STUFF. I.  HAD. TO. DO!!! and I started freaking out.  I was going to be driving four hours ALONE with a baby.  I had to pack enough diapers to get me through two days.  I had to pack clothes for her and clothes for me and toys and my medication and (OH. EM.  GEE) I had just started my period (you’re welcome) so there was that to deal with.  Add to that her reluctance to go to sleep and I was a tightly wound ball of nerves.  But, since insomnia is still getting the better of me and I couldn’t fall asleep, I had plenty of time to do the packing so I was almost totally ready to go by morning.

Lorelei mostly cooperated by only waking up once (at 2 am) and then waking up early but not too early so I could get us loaded into the car and on the road before 8.

The trip looked like this:

Illinois is possibly the most boring state to drive through.  Which probably explains why Lorelei slept almost the entire trip up there.  And then I got lost once I got to the Quad Cities because Google Maps sucks hairy balls and give me shitty directions.  But I found it.  Honestly, it wasn’t the most exciting day ever, it was the same thing I probably would have done at home, except I got to be with a friend and Lorelei got to play with other kids.

And, my two favorite shots from the weekend (not taken by me because I only brought my dinky little camera):

Lorelei and Charlotte

Rock star

Oh, did I mention that Lorelei didn’t take a nap.  Of course, she slept in the car, but she didn’t nap. We headed back towards the Lou Saturday night and boy was she cranky.  She slept for the first hour or so and then she went into full on fussy.  I had always planned on stopping for the night somewhere about halfway home.  I know my limits.

So, after missing several exits with hotels in Peoria, I finally spotted the shining light of a Holiday Inn Express in East Peoria.  Lorelei was crying but glad that I had finally gotten her out of her car seat and then…


The card that I had just put money on specifically so that I would have somewhere to spend the night just in case.  What followed was an hour of trying to coordinate with Brian, booking a room on-line with his card, having them manual force my card through (why they couldn’t do that in the first place is beyond me, but whatever) so by the time I finally got us up to the room I was stressed out.  Which meant Lorelei was stressed out which meant that she spent half an hour screaming at the top of her lungs and refusing to be put in her Pack-n-Play.

There is a silver lining, however.  She not only slept really well, but I was able to shush her back to sleep when she woke up in the middle of the night and she slept until almost nine!  At the risk of jinxing it, she has been much better about sleeping the last couple nights as well.

So, to wrap up what I’m sure is becoming a really boring recap of my weekend, we drove back on Sunday.  She was not nearly as well behaved and people do not know how to drive in construction zones.  Oh yes.  There was construction on every single interstate between St Louis and the Quad Cities.  And of course, that was the one of three possible routes that I picked.  I win.

And also I killed a lot of bugs.  And can someone please come wash my car for me?  Because, ew.


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  1. I love that my kid is all disheveled and in a red tutu two sizes too small.

    So glad you came to visit!! A non-exciting weekend with a friend is better than one alone!

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