Let me start off by telling you about my cats.  I love them to death.  I do!  Sometimes they drive me completely insane with their neediness.  They seem to think that curling up to sleep around my neck is a good idea.  Personally, I only think that is acceptable when the temperature is below freezing, not when it’s 100-degrees outside.  But I’m getting off topic…

My cats are big fans of eating things that are not food.  Plastic bags and tape being their two favorite snacks.  Grace (the really fat one) is the worst.  Any plastic bag – or really anything made out of plastic since she has tried to eat plastic wrappers before, too – is fair game for her.  But when she’s really pissed off, she goes straight for the toilet paper.

When we first got the cats, back when we lived in that crappy apartment in the Central West End with a kitchen the same size as the bathroom, we were their third owners and they were only a year old.  So, for the first few months, Grace was a nervous wreck all the time.  So our toilet paper rolls were under constant attack.  Which is why we tried to keep the door closed at all times.

Side Story: this apartment was really crappy.  It didn’t have central air and heat so there were radiators in every room which you had to turn on, ya know, when it was cold.  Except the one in the bathroom always smelled like burning so we never turned it on.  I took many many showers in a bathroom that was approximately the same temperature as the outside, aka freezing cold.  Oh and the insulation around the windows was non-existent.

Side Story #2: In an attempt to maintain toilet paper integrity, I always closed the bathroom door before I left for class.  Well, I must have been in a rush on this particular morning to catch the shuttle – because the driver was a bitch and even though I was very rarely late to the stop, every time I had to run (usually because she was early) she would bitch me out – so I locked Josephine in there one accident.  For the entire day.  I’m surprised she still likes me.

So.  I think Lorelei might be taking tips from Grace on how to annoy Mommy.  The other day, after getting out of the shower – yes, Lorelei hangs in the bathroom with me while I clean myself – this is what I found:

There might also have been a little bit of this:

Lorelei, however, played innocent:

How can you stay mad at that face?  Also, pictures of your daughter eating toilet paper as a baby will make excellent blackmail for when she’s dating.

I’m evil.


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Wife, mother, writer and all around knerd. Maker of cookies, scarves and really big messes.

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