Today, I was literally a stay-at-home mom.  I did not leave the apartment once – unless you count walking to the laundry room as leaving.  Most days I would go completely insane if I didn’t go anywhere.  I almost always try to have one errand to run, one fun trip planned to the zoo or the gardens, or heck even a trip to the local coffee shop for a change of scenery.  Today, mostly by choice I was stuck at home.

Recently, Brian has been driving to work and coming home for lunch and then taking the train back to the office.  It gives me a little extra time to get myself going in the morning and, as an added bonus, he gets to see me during the day and eat something that doesn’t come from a can that says “Chef Boyardee” on it.  Now, on Wednesdays (also Mondays), Brian teaches an ACT-prep class which runs until nine and because public transportation sucks here, he doesn’t get home until almost eleven.  I would love to pick him up, but Lorelei is in bed by 8:30 at the latest and she is just now starting to sleep normally so I don’t want to mess with the schedule if I don’t have to.  I was feeling generous, and since just the idea of leaving the apartment when the heat index is in the 100-degree range made me sweaty, I told him to go ahead and take the car tonight.

I won’t go into all the mundane details of what was a pretty normal day for us, but there are a few things that made it interesting: she is wicked fast.  Earlier today, I was letting her do her thing like I normally do – only stopping her when she started to get into trouble – but I blinked and she was gone.  I hear a clanking noise coming from the vicinity of the dining room so I rush in.  We have a wine rack that we have not yet figured out what to do with so it is currently shoved in the corner of the room next to the bookcase.  There are only two bottles in it – both on the bottom – so the damage she could inflict would be minimal.  Naturally, I drag her away if she starts to mess with it, but I wasn’t fast enough.  She had pulled out one of the bottles and was smacking her hands on it like it was a musical instrument.  That’s my little wino!  I considered grabbing the camera to document the hilarity, but I figured I’d filled my bad mother quota for the day already so I just took it away.

We played some peek-a-boo, which she somehow figured out how to do on her own.  She’ll cover her head with a blanket:

And then we’ll say “Where’s Lorelei?” and she’ll do this:

She’ll laugh like a maniac and, quite frequently, fall over.

So despite the fact that I really was a stay-at-home today, we had fun.  She mostly behaved and she even came with me to do laundry.  Did I mention that it looks like it’s about to storm and my laundry is still in the dryer?  Hold me.


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