Things That Are Making Me Happy Today

The weather is still hovering at the edge of unbearable like this summer is saying Eff you, but despite all that, I’m having trouble not being in a good mood.  Here’s why:

1) Baby Feet Especially those of the standing up variety.  All of a sudden, despite the fact that she hasn’t gotten the whole crawling thing totally down yet, Lorelei has moved on to pulling herself up into a standing position.  Yesterday afternoon, while I sat on my bedroom floor folding laundry, she “army crawled” her way over to the bathroom and into the tub room (we have a weird “Jack and Jill” style bathroom with the tub/shower in the middle).  She was chattering away and seeing as there is nothing really in there that she could get into that would hurt her, I left her pretty much alone – well, as alone as you checking every 5 seconds to make sure she hasn’t done anything she shouldn’t.  But then she had to go and pull herself up using the edge of the tub as support and well, we spent fifteen minutes doing this:

and also this

2) Starbucks Well, going there by myself and spending an hour curled up in an armchair with my decaf iced caramel macchiato (yes, I am that lame) and a good book.

3) Rabbit Factory by Marshall Karp Loving it!  I’m not really a big mystery fan, but this one is a lot of fun to read.  Bonus: I “know” the author’s daughter (one day I hope I don’t have to put quote marks around that word)

4) Julie I love her to death.  I can’t believe I only met her a year ago (doubly weird since we went to the same school and she worked in a “sister” department of the one Brian worked in).  She came over this afternoon and went with us to our apartment complex’s BBQ/Pool Party.  Well, we went to the BBQ part and then went to the other pool (I know you’re jealous that I live somewhere with two pools) and played around in the water with Lorelei.

5) Blake My lovely friend in New Orleans is turning 29 today.  She is exactly – well, not down to the minute – 366 days older than I am.

I also am anticipating a good day tomorrow.  It’s my birthday!  I would be happy to just get some time to sleep in, but I’m going to get mani/pedis with a couple friends and then (if we can find a babysitter) going out for dinner with the hubby.  Nothing fancy, but a couple hours alone would be nice.  I hope everyone else has a good weekend!


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