Eight Months

Dear Lorelei,

This month you sat up all on your own.  And I don’t just mean sitting there without help after I’ve put you down, I mean one minute you’re crawling along on your belly and then all of a sudden you decide, I want to be sitting and BOOM there you are.

As if everything weren’t already a toy, I am constantly finding you with something in your hand that you probably shouldn’t have.  This month it was the drip pans from the Foreman grill which you enjoy banging against the microwave cart.  You chew on the corners of books so I’ve had to move everything off the bottom shelf of the coffee table so you can’t get to it.  I took a book back to the library and I was worried that they wouldn’t take it back because you had ripped up the top corner of the first few pages.

I know that it’s because you’re curious and I’m glad that you’re curious, but some days I wish you would just play with the toys I bought specifically for you.  You like your stacking rings and your baby laptop, but if there is a cat toy or a piece of paper or an electrical cord within your view, those toys are forgotten for the much more interesting (and dangerous) things around the apartment.

(Just as I was writing this, you got in my purse and pulled my keys out and then proceeded to bang them against the front door)

No matter how much you can frustrate me sometimes, always remember:

I love you bunches,

Your Mother

Goofy grin

Baby feet


About Kirsten

Wife, mother, writer and all around knerd. Maker of cookies, scarves and really big messes.

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  1. The puffy sleeves are Adorable!

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