The Travelers Have Returned

We rolled back into St Louis somewhere around 6:30 from our weekend adventure in Branson.  And despite my major blond moment, we managed to have a really good time.

Saturday morning, after being serenaded at breakfast by Dennis Yeary (the “Voice of Branson”), we set out for adventure.  That adventure was the Butterfly Palace.  Certainly one of the least impressive butterfly places I’ve been to, but there were still plenty of beautiful specimens to see, including one that alighted on the bench next to us:

And naturally, we had to try on the pith helmets.  Nothing says adventure like wearing a ridiculous hat on your head:

After a brief nap, we went mini-golfing.  We are super-exciting.  However, it was Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Canyon, complete with a working propane powered volcano:

Lorelei sucks at putt-putt, in case you were wondering.  Also, despite the fact that it was overcast and we were only there for approximately half an hour, I managed to get a sunburn on my shoulders and back.  Lorelei, on the other hand, escaped unscathed.  After the super-fun times, my sister and her family arrived and the party really got started!  We went to a 5 and 10 store.

I know!  The excitement is too much!  We wandered around narrow aisles crammed full of all sorts of junk.  We did however find a Dr. Pepper lunchbox which I will now be using as a cookie tin (Bonus: it’s red so it goes with my kitchen)!  Also, there was an airstream model trailer wind chime which we seriously considered purchasing, but then we would be those hoosiers in our apartment complex, so we passed it up.

Independence Day itself meant more Dennis Yeary serenading (the same songs).  Also, pretty dresses:

Since the weather was a bit rainy, we went to the Titanic museum.  (Oh Branson, your attempt to be more than the white-trash version of Las Vegas slays me)  It would have been a perfectly lovely outing except that it was crowded and we stupidly brought the stroller.  The stroller that she spent approximately two seconds in before Lorelei decided she wanted Daddy to carry her the entire time.  So there I was, pushing unwieldy stroller which I have enough trouble maneuvering when the lighting isn’t dim through a crowd of people who decided they wanted to block the path through the exhibit by congregating around a video.  In an attempt to not be walking in front of the screen, I went around to the back and came up through a semi-open part of the crowd.  I said “Excuse me,” as politely as I could, but since I can’t see the wheels of the stroller I did hit a couple people.  I certainly wasn’t doing it on purpose.  After one such incident and after saying “Excuse me,” about half a dozen times I finally said to one woman, “Could you please move over so I can get this stroller through.”  I said it as nicely as possible, but she came back with a huffy, “Well, you’re just going to run me over anyway…”


People make me so mad sometimes.  I am (almost) never intentionally rude to someone and normally, I would have just waited for the film to end before trying to get through the crowd, but seeing as the baby had crapped her pants a good half an hour before that – she was asleep and we had already passed the bathroom that was inside the exhibit itself – I was trying to get us through the last bit of it before she decided to have a complete meltdown.  I don’t think the other guests would have appreciated screaming baby.  Just saying.


So, I was in a crappy mood at the end of the exhibit and I didn’t feel like taking any pictures of the outside, but just so you know, the museum was inside a half-scale replica of the front of the boat.  I KNOW!  You are so jealous of me right now.

Afterwards, daughter and I collapsed for a nap.  The great things about vacations are the naps.

Post-nap, we were trying to kill some time while waiting for my sister and the fam to get back from Downtown Branson so we went to the worst Outlet Mall ever.  There were no good stores.  And the popsicle I got out of the vending machine (cause it was snack time for the mommy) was so cold that it stuck to my lips.  Despite my best efforts to carefully remove my mouth from the orange creamsicle, I ripped a chunk of skin off my top lip.  Awesome.

But then!  Miracle of miracles!  My sister took the little bit and the husband and I went on our first date night since the baby was born.  It was heaven!  An hour of just us time.  We went to an Italian restaurant around the corner from the hotel (because driving any further would have been torture, the traffic is that bad) and filled ourselves with manicotti and bellinis.  Well Brian had cannelloni and a beer, but you get the idea.  We came back to the hotel and since Lorelei was still in her OH-MY-GOD-I’M-WIDE-AWAKE-EVEN-THOUGH-IT’S-BEDTIME mood, we went to the pool.

There’s Lorelei with her aunt and cousin.  She had like the BEST.  TIME.  EVER! at the pool, splashing around for probably half an hour before we finally had to call it quits.  It was almost nine so it was definitely time for bed.  We skipped the fireworks, although apparently there were people setting them off in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  Stay classy, Branson.

Oh.  And Arbor Mist smells like baby crap.  Never let your husband convince you to buy it just because it was on sale at Wal-Mart.

This morning we were once again entertained by the same songs over breakfast (I’m going to have “All My Exes Live in Texas” stuck in my head for the next week.  And then, because it was ten o’clock, we went wine tasting!

Well, I tasted wine.  Lorelei tried to pull her father’s hair out.  Thus endeth our Branson adventure.  The four hour drive home was thankfully uneventful (except for the baby meltdown that required us to pull off the highway and go to a sketchy grocery store and Starbucks for a change and feeding).  I can’t wait to take another adventure with my curious little girl!


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