Pros and Cons

I spent four years in a house that I “owned” – meaning a house that had a mortgage with my name on it.  In those four years, I had forgotten what it can be like to live in an apartment complex.  My memory, however, is returning very quickly…


  • The cold water knob in my shower stopped working.  By that I mean, that the knob turned but water didn’t actually come out.  And instead of having to trudge my tired, stinky, unshowered butt to Home Depot, I got to call maintenance.  Granted it took most of the day for them to show up – apparently not being able to shower isn’t an emergency – but someone else fixed it for me.  And I didn’t have to pay for the new knob.  Bonus
  • There’s a pool.  A pool that I don’t have to pay admission for.  Extra points for it being practically right next to my building so that I don’t have to either a) walk ass far away when it’s hot as the surface of the sun or b) drive my car there and then have to drive back in a wet swimsuit
  • It’s gorgeous.  There are trees everywhere and landscaping guys who keep the lawn mowed and free of trash (although I haven’t actually seen much trash in the grass which is a definite improvement from the old place).  We have a nice shaded porch where the husband and I can sit late in the evening after the daughter has gone to bed while I sip my new favorite (hoosier) cocktail: pomegranate liqueur and flat 7-up.  (I love me some flat soda, I don’t know why, don’t judge)


  • Three words:  Coin.  Operated.  Laundry.  Hold me.  Although this place has the advantage of a card you load and then that operates the machines.  But I still have to load it with cash, can’t use my debit card like I used to be able to do back in the dorms.  Those were the good old days.  Okay, so that was more than three words.
  • Sharing a wall with someone.  Who has listened to the Pina Colada song at a loud volume at least once a day.  This is a definite improvement over the thumping bass coming from across the street, but I really don’t want to turn into that crazy person who knocks on the ceiling (or wall) with a broom handle.
  • Pet rent.  OH.  EM.  GEE.  Three hundred bucks each for the deposit, plus twenty bucks a month each in rent.  DIES.

On the whole, moving here has been so much better.  I’m getting tons of exercise hauling myself and the baby up several flights of stairs every day, it’s peaceful, our neighbors seem pretty friendly and I love the people in the leasing office.  They have learned the best way to win me over is to coo over the little bit whenever they see her.  Also, they wave hello whenever they see me in the car, which is nice.  It’s awesome to live somewhere that the people seem genuinely friendly and where I don’t have to listen to rude comments whenever I get in or out of my car.


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Wife, mother, writer and all around knerd. Maker of cookies, scarves and really big messes.

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