Rain and Other Things

I had forgotten how much I love the rain.  The sound of water dripping down and a cool sweet smelling breeze blowing through the open window.  For so long, however, my first thought when it would start raining was I hope the basement doesn’t flood again.  I could never just sit back and enjoy the cleansing beauty of a good spring rain.

It’s nine am.  Lorelei is (momentarily) asleep for her morning nap.  I’m sitting here in the living room, snuggled under a warm blanket with the light turned down low just listening to the rain.  It almost feels like a luxury to just have this quiet.

I’ve been battling a headache for the last week, which I think has transformed into a full-on sinus infection.  I feel like someone is taking an ice pick to my nose and above my eyes.  Even my ears have started to hurt.  I’ve never had allergies, so I’m holding out hope that they are not what is causing this – I really don’t want to start popping allergy meds everyday – but even Tylenol sinus medicine has been no help.  I’m wary of taking Benadryl because it makes me so sleepy that I would probably pass out within ten minutes of dosing and well, that’s not really an option since I’m home alone with the little bit.

Can we talk about this cutie pie right here?

I took this picture about a week ago and she no longer fits in that onesie.  At her six month appointment, she had gained two and a half pounds since her last check up.  It’s as if, all of a sudden, she has decided to get big.

And she has finally started to eat pureed fruits and vegetables.  We tried feeding her bananas about a month ago but she reacted badly to them.  I think they upset her poor little tummy.  So we went back to just cereal for awhile.  This week she has been introduced to the joys of pears and carrots.  And I have been introduced to the joys of orange nasty smelling poop.  Multiple times a day because, that’s right, now that her diet has changed she is back to pooping two or three times a day.  I hated her butter popcorn smelling butt, but I didn’t know how good it was until now.

Yesterday, we went to Pei Wei for lunch and for the first time ever, she sat in a high chair.  She was having the time of her life in that thing.  She’s still kind of small, but we buckled her in and she got to be sitting up high looking around at everyone and generally being the center of attention, as usual.

EDIT: Baby was very talkative today.  I managed to capture a bit, apologies for poor quality


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  1. Looks like she’s almost ready to crawl!

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