I’m overwhelmed by a lot of things these days.

If you ask me how I’m feeling, my response is almost always: “Tired, stressed and overwhelmed.”

We had a visit from the realtors on Saturday (had to reschedule from Tuesday), and let me tell you, it was not encouraging.  We bought our house in 2006 when house prices were extremely high.  We’ve sunk a lot of money into repairing the roof and the chimneys.  But it is unlikely we will even come close to making our two mortgages – yes we have two and spare me the lecture about what a poor financial decision that was – let alone making any sort of profit.  I’m overwhelmed by the outcomes in front of us: short sale, foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure.  None of them are particularly appealing.

I’m overwhelmed by this move.  We have a lot of stuff.  A lot.  1,500 square feet worth of stuff which we have to condense into a 1,000 square foot apartment.  I’m feeling sad about a lot of the things I know we will end up giving away.  None of it is all that important but I always feel that the second I give anything away, that’s the moment when I really wish I had it.  I have already taken four bags of clothes to Goodwill, two more are ready to go and there might be even more if the thrift store doesn’t want some of my “nicer” stuff.

I’m overwhelmed because Brian has had to work so much these last few weeks.  Of course, we didn’t know we were going to be moving, but it still sucks giant donkey balls.  On more than one occasion, he’s had to work events and not get home until between 8 and 10.  And the next day, he would have to go in early.  I feel so tired.  Trying to pack with a six month old who is becoming more mobile (not crawling yet, but she’s good at scooting and rolling) is a pain.  She doesn’t seem to want to be more than a few feet from me which means she is frequently within easy reach of whatever I’m packing – she was very interested in the stacks of DVDs the other day – and I’m always worried she will find some way to topple stuff over on top of herself.  Fun.

But I’m also overwhelmed by how amazing my friends are.  Even though they are in the midst of finals, three of them came over and loaded up their cars with boxes of books and small pieces of furniture.  They hauled that stuff up a hill from the parking lot and to our second floor apartment.

I’m overwhelmed.


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Wife, mother, writer and all around knerd. Maker of cookies, scarves and really big messes.

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  1. You’ll be fine. You’re making the right decision and moving in the right direction. Towards what’s best for you and for your family. That’s what matters.

    You’ll be fine. I double promise.

  2. Desiree Troy

    I just responded to your last tweet… If you can pick me up from STLCC tomorrow at 11 and have me home by 3 (3:30 at the latest), I will totally pack everything that’s left for you. We’ll just need to get some coffee or something.

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