A few days ago, I came home from lunch out with the husband to find two cop cars parked across the street from my house.  Living in a relatively high crime area, seeing multiple police cars is not a rare occurrence.  Seeing them just parked outside without a flurry of activity going on around them was what was strange.  Now, I don’t know what they were doing there, but there was a noticeable change in the neighborhood: no blasting stereo.  We have been e-mailing the “neighborhood stabilization officer” (whatever that means) about the problem and had told her that despite repeated calls to the police and polite requests by us, they continued to listen to their music at unreasonably high volumes between the hours of 2 and 9 pm.  In fact, on a recent occasion when Brian went to ask them to turn it down – the guys who were outside were actually polite and told him “No problem, we got you man” – the woman who owns the car came outside and in essence told off the polite gentleman for turning it down for us.  She then proceeded to tell Brian that she didn’t want to see him near her car again (what?) and that she was just having a good time and quote: “I ain’t botherin’ nobody.”  And her and her bitch friends would sit outside and make rude comments whenever I would pull up in front of the house and get out of my car, which is why I now park in the garage even though its a pain in the booty and means I have to lug the car seat through the backyard, down the walkway between the houses and around front again, fortunately shielded from their view by the two trees out front (oy).  This is a rambling way of saying: our e-mails resulted in a cease and desist order being issued to their landlord and posted at the house.  My guess is that the cops were there to ensure that it was enforced.

So, it’s been quiet.  Does this mean we’re no longer moving?  Absolutely not.  We got approved on Wednesday and on Sunday we go to sign the lease.  Over the next several weeks we will move this life across town.  I wish we could make a clean break and be done with the house, but we have to at least try to sell it (that’s a whole other story) and movers are expensive.  As much of our stuff that we can get there in our car or in our friends’ cars will be taken out over the next week or so and then movers will come for the furniture.

Lorelei, fortunately, is taking this very well for a not quite six month old, and has been very happy the last few days:

Who’s going to tell her Christmas is not in April?

I got a ball!


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