Time to spill the beans (to those that don’t follow me on Twitter):  We’re moving.

If our application is approved.

If the realtor thinks we can sell the house for what we owe.

If, if, if…

This time last week, I was stressed out, completely exhausted and on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown.

Now, I’m stressed out and completely exhausted, but I’m also excited.

Tomorrow night, the realtor is coming by so we’ve been trying to get the house a little more sale ready so that he/she won’t completely laugh in our faces.  We fixed the drain in the bathroom sink and replaced the toilet seat.  Random nails left from the previous owner that we never removed have been pulled from the walls.  Soon, we will begin spackling (spackeling? spackleing?) the holes and touching up the paint.

The impending move has been the swift kick in the pants I needed to finally finish the process of purging the closets and basement since we won’t have as much space for storage.  Most of the furniture is going with us, but there are a few things that won’t be able to fit in the new place.  I’ll be sad to have to get rid of the glass pub table in our sun room and (possibly) the big bookcase in the office (it’s glass and I don’t think there will be a wall to put it against, so it’s not very safe).

We should know for sure about our application by Wednesday.  I’m puking in my mouth a little just thinking about it.  We have to get our occupancy permit by Friday and on Sunday we’ll be taking possession of our new apartment.

Freak out level HOLY SHIT! has been reached.

This time a week ago, I never thought I would be so close to leaving this house.

This time next week, I could be almost moved to a new and better place.


About Kirsten

Wife, mother, writer and all around knerd. Maker of cookies, scarves and really big messes.

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  1. I don’t know if this means much, but I’m proud of you. It’s hard to make decisions that uproot your life but is best for your family. It takes nads.

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