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Overheard in my neighborhood this week:  A small child, maybe four or five, spent several minutes yelling “Mama!” over and over.  What did her mother say, “Stop yelling for me or I’m gonna whup your ass!”  I could not make this shit up.  That is what she said word-for-word.

Why do I torture myself with shows with incredible amounts of sexual tension.  My blogging friend, AndreAnna, already mentioned the Booth and Bones thing.  Why did you turn him down Bones?  Why?  Want to throw things at the TV!  Tony and Ziva on NCIS.  Every time I watch that show I want to scream, “Will you two just do it already!”  Castle and Beckett.  Come on!  I have no idea why I get so worked up about other people’s fake relationships, but there you go.

The other night I had a really weird dream.  It was a bizarre mix of Terminator and Transformers.  Well, Shia LaBoeuf (or however you spell his name) was there, at least.  And he was hiding from the Terminators.  Also, Ahnold was in it.  Although, oddly, he was wearing a helmet that was one part Stormtrooper and one part Cylon from the original Battlestar Galactica.  I swear I’m not on drugs, but sometimes I have really effed up dreams.


I know you are all tired of hearing me complain about my neighbors across the street (and Sean, I swear to G-O-D, if you tell me that it’s because I live in the “hood” and I should just move, I will punch you in the nose) but it is getting worse.  I could put up with it if it were maybe an hour or two in the evening.  I could put up with it if it wasn’t so loud I can feel my house vibrating.  Unfortunately, the music starts at about 2:30 in the afternoon and goes until six or seven or sometimes even later at night.  Husband and I have called the cops, repeatedly.  This is mostly because I am not comfortable going across the street and asking them to turn it down (when I get mad, I get emotional and that would just make the situation worse).  We were convinced that they weren’t coming, but when Brian went to ask them to turn it down yesterday evening, they asked if we were the ones calling the cops.  (Like we would tell you if we were)  Then, they go on to say that they’ve been doing this for four years and no one has complained before.  BULL.  SHIT.  We have lived here for four years and other than once or twice on the weekends last summer, this has never happened before.  Oh, and they haven’t even lived here four years.

I feel like a prisoner in my own house.  Not because I can’t leave – I can – but because I shouldn’t have to.  I can’t get anything done because I’m so distracted by the music and so mad that they seem to not give a shit about anyone else.  Lorelei doesn’t take real naps anymore.  It is impossible to get her to go to sleep and if – by some miracle – I do succeed, she wakes up after only a few minutes.  I’m tired because she’s not sleeping well at night (stupid teeth) and I would very much like to at least lay down and have some quiet, even if I don’t sleep.

We don’t really have any options right now.  Although our house is worth more than what we paid for it, I get the feeling that selling it would be a major hassle.  And if we did, where could we move to?  Houses in our price range are going to be in similar neighborhoods or ass-far away from Brian’s job.  We only have one car and we can’t afford another one right now, so we have to live near a bus route so he can get to work (I sure as hell am not going to drive him to work everyday, waste of gas and money that is).  I honestly don’t know what to do.  Should I just learn to get over it?  Should I keep calling the cops everyday until the situation changes?  Do we foreclose on the house and try to find an apartment that is big enough for us and close enough to Brian’s job?  I’m barely holding it together right now.  I was just getting to the point where I wasn’t feeling completely depressed and anxious and now I’m back to barely functioning.  Someone please help me.

There.  End rant.

Here’s hoping that I can go back to all rainbows and unicorns and sunshine and puppies sometime soon.


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  1. Well, you know what position I am in life. My advice to you is this: do what makes you and your family happy. Is holding onto a house that’s making you miserable worth it? For what? the sake of owning a house? for “credit”?

    Yeah, see how well that worked out for us and we both make excellent livings.

    Go find an apartment, put it on the market.

    Be happy.

    Life’s really, really short.

  2. The only thing I can suggest that would solve the neighbors across the street problem and keep you where you are now involves a lot of money and is highly illegal. So, aside from completely soundproofing your house, which is extremely expensive although would be a lot of fun, the only other option really is to move. Ignorant, selfish people are never going to change. It’s against their genetics and the programming they’ve had their entire lives.

    Find the quietest neighborhood you can. Everyone recommends Dogtown to me. I say find a small, cheap but nice, apartment for now and save all the money you can until Lorelei is old enough to need more space. You would have to downsize, which you’ve been wanting to do anyway, and you could have a yard sale (yeah, on the eleven inches of yard you have) to make extra money. I could even help you two build some shelves and storage units (it’d be fun!) so that you could make the most of a smaller space. Another good thing about living in an apartment building is that you can file noise complaints with the building management and it’s against leasing contracts to have three (I think) filed against you or you’re kicked out of the building.

    You should never try to learn to accept that sort of asinine behavior from your neighbors. Common courtesy should still exist and everyone should treat each other with respect but there are too many people who only care about people respecting them. I highly doubt even if the cops talked to them every time they pulled this shit or Brian went and talked to them every day, they’d actually change. It’s not true that people change, we just find new ways to stay the same. Say they did stop with the music, what prevents them from turning the stereo on in their house and turning the bass and volume all the way up? Exactly.

    “Then, they go on to say that they’ve been doing this for four years and no one has complained before. BULL. SHIT. We have lived here for four years and other than once or twice on the weekends last summer, this has never happened before. Oh, and they haven’t even lived here four years.”

    Did you explain that you are complaining and that you’re going to continue calling the cops? And, did it stop or anything after this? Did Brian explain that you have a five month old who isn’t sleeping because of their shit and you’re on the verge of losing your mind because you’re not sleeping either? It makes me very angry that you can’t sleep in your own house because I know what it’s like.

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