I went offline this last week (except for mundane things like checking my bank balance and the weather) and it was glorious.  I’ll admit that, in the beginning, it was torturous somewhat difficult since I am used to being connected.  I’m used to spending my morning doing the crossword and reading blogs and the ever present background noise that is the ding of a new tweet.  Once I got over the initial shock of disconnection, I was able to revel in the silence.

I got so much done since there was no internet to distract me.  I got my weekly grocery shopping done early on Monday.  Tuesday and Wednesday morning I made big batches of pork and black beans and corn chowder.  Enough food for the week, plus extra for next (to go along with the chili I already had in the freezer).  I baked cornbread and brownies.  I did laundry (even folded!) and picked up the baby toys.  On Wednesday, the husband took the daughter to the park on his lunch break while I got to have a massage.  Have I mentioned before that I would totally leave Brian for my massage therapist.  He’s that good.

Thursday was…well, Thursday was a bit stressful.  Thursdays, I meet up with my friend Desiree (the only social interaction I have most weeks which does not include Brian or the people at Target) and we go to Starbucks.  Then we settle down at my house and watch Pushing Daisies and knit.  This week, she didn’t get the disk in time so we made a slight change in plans.  We went to the park instead and walked around the lake.  Good times, right?  The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze.  A nice breeze which blew the stroller into the lake.

Yes.  The lake.

She wasn’t in it.  I had taken her out to sit down closer to the water and watch the ducks.  I had put the brake on (I swear!) but the wind was so strong it blew it sideways into the water.  Well, thank goodness I wasn’t alone.  My friend gallantly rescued it before it went completely under.  And (please don’t judge me) she held Lorelei in her lap as I drove the three miles home from the park, completely terrified.  (Yes, I know that is incredibly dangerous and normally I would never ever dream of not having her in her car seat, but there was no other way to get home and there was no way I was strapping her into a soaking wet seat that was infested with god knows what rare diseases are breeding in that lake.  Lesser of two evils.)

The sun has been shining everyday.  The weather has been gorgeous.  I got to bask in the glory that is motherhood and enjoy the silence.  But I’m glad to be back.  I miss knowing what’s going on with my friends, I miss knowing what’s going on with the awesome women who’s blogs I read who I consider my friends.  It was a lonely week and I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again.  I need to find a way to discipline myself so that I can still be connected but still get things done.  I’ll figure it out somehow.


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Wife, mother, writer and all around knerd. Maker of cookies, scarves and really big messes.

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