Holiday Planning Fail

So, I’m a little bit Irish.  Not in the way that some people are a little Irish.  I don’t walk around proclaiming my Irish-ness, but I’m also not one to get shitfaced on Guinness only once a year.  I’m an equal opportunity alcoholic.

Our usual St Patrick’s Day routine is wearing a bit of green and then going to the “pub” for some corned beef and Guinness.  This year, that probably was not an option.  The going to the pub, that is.

So, there was no corned beef and cabbage in our future.  And I kind of dropped the ball on planning a sufficiently Irish-y meal (I was going to make another batch of Guinness stew, but I didn’t make it to the store in time this morning).  But the worst part is, we didn’t buy Lorelei a St Patty’s themed outfit.  I know!  We are terrible parents.  Call child protective services!

Today I headed out to Target (and then Babies ‘R Us) in search of some (possibly discounted) holiday themed baby clothes.  I swear, it’s like they hide all of that stuff on the day of and then bring it out the next day and put it on sale.  They’re trying to thwart us last minute hoping it’ll be on sale people.  The only thing I found which was acceptable was also much more than I had planned on spending.

And then I got home and realized that I already had a green dress.  Oh well, she still looked pretty cute.


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Wife, mother, writer and all around knerd. Maker of cookies, scarves and really big messes.

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