Further Late Night Tidbits

Last night, Brian and I were discussing the upcoming Trivia Night I want to attend (Julie, if you are reading this, yes I’m coming I’m just a forgetful bum and I haven’t messaged you). It will be, in all likelihood my first real trip out sans baby. Because we are on a tight budget until we can get some of our finances straightened out, we decided that only one of us would go and, so that Lorelei doesn’t have a freak out like she does when she is awake past eight pm, the other person would stay home with her. A little bit more exposition for you: we’re finally going to get a joint checking account and since I haven’t worked since August, I have many checks sitting unused in a box. A lot of checks. Because I had just spent thirty bucks to buy the cute Humane Society kitty and puppy checks maybe two months before I quit working.

Everyone still with me?

So, Brian says he would write a check for me for the entrance fee but then I said I could do it because, duh, I have a million checks and I actually have money in my account right now. Then I got the crazy idea that I should write out checks for a dollar each and then when I show up on Saturday I would give them twenty checks. Genius, right?

But Brian won this round. He suggested that maybe we should do that when we, hypothetically because it’s never going to happen, go to a strip club. Have a bunch of one dollar checks and tell the stripper that she can fill her own name in.

We’re special.

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Wife, mother, writer and all around knerd. Maker of cookies, scarves and really big messes.

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