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Life goes on. Baby eats and sleeps and poops. She has also developed a slight cold thanks to my inability to go one Christmas season without getting sick. Go me! It is possibly one of the most pathetic and adorable things ever. She snores in such a ridiculously cute way! Fortunately, it’s nothing serious – trust me, I obsessively check her temperature and she has yet to get a fever – and although she sleeps a little more than usual, she’s still eating plenty and doesn’t seem too uncomfortable.

Now that I’ve bored you with baby gushing…

I am in love with the Botanical Gardens. Yes. Even in the dead of winter. I could spend hours taking pictures of every plant in the Linnean House. Easily my favorite part of the gardens (except for the rose garden, but everything is dead right now). It is generally very quiet – not a lot of people go in there – and it smells delicious. Every time we go, I think its all the tea trees that smell that way but as it turns out, it’s actually the olive trees. Weird that I like the smell of olive trees when olives themselves make me want to gag. If it hadn’t snowed last night – not that I’m complaining, I love the snow – I would totally be there this morning enjoying my free admission before noon. Anyhoodle, a couple of pictures to round out this mish mash of randomness:
Dying roses and snow covered garden

Whee! I like model trains Daddy!

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