Today I am already in a crappy mood partly because I have the worst acid reflux ever. I mean seriously. It feels like there is either vomit right there at the top of my throat waiting to come out or I have to burp but am completely incapable of doing so. Yeah, fun. Every single time I eat something, this is what I get. Did you know that it is possible to eat too much when you’re pregnant? Yeah. I found that out Tuesday night when after a bowl of tomato-basil spaghettini (and nothing else, I swear), I went home and puked up part of it. But I digress.


People are selfish. Today’s example: stupid fucking woman and her fucking tiny dog standing in the only available parking space near the apartment building I work in. At first I just thought they were waiting to cross the street because I drove past them to where I normally make a u-turn, but when I come back, she is still standing there; so, I pull up like I’m about to park hoping that she’ll get the picture that she needs to move out of the street. Instead she mouths “I’m saving this spot” at me. So, I flip her off. I’m already on the verge of tears because I’m having a bad day. After circling the block and coming back up the street I end up parking what is roughly two blocks away and have to waddle all the way down to work. Lucky for me my ligaments weren’t killing me today. Oh wait, yes they were. And then…And then! I waddle through the lobby to the restroom and who do I see sitting there? Yes stupid bitch and her dog. Only now she has a suitcase. Well, good for you lady. I’m glad your friend got to park so close to the building just so they wouldn’t have to walk so far to bring you your rolling suitcase.

I really had to resist the urge to walk over to her and give her a lesson in parking etiquette. I don’t care if you personally were standing in that spot first. If you are not in a car you are not entitled to “save” a spot for someone. It is a public street and everyone else has just as much right to park there as you do. Ugh. So fucking pissed off.

P.S. Sorry for all the swearing. Sometimes you just gotta let it out.

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Wife, mother, writer and all around knerd. Maker of cookies, scarves and really big messes.

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